Wildfire Preparedness

Summer is here and that means longer days, sunnier skies, and warmer weather. It also means wildfire season is back. Whether you are new to Lane County or a lifelong resident, a wildfire has the potential to affect all of us. As your electric co-op, we know the importance of wildfire preparedness and are working every day to keep our neighbors, employees, and you, our members, safe. Preparing for potential wildfires is a community effort that requires everyone to do their part. Lane Electric is here to help you protect yourself and your family in the event of a wildfire. 

We are committed to staying wildfire ready. Will you join us? Take the pledge and help spread awareness about the importance of wildfire preparedness with neighbors and friends. 

Wildfire preparedness pledge


1. Prepare for possible power shutoffs and evacuations by making a wildfire action plan and assembling an emergency kit.

2. Protect my home and neighborhood by hardening my home, clearing vegetation, and using fire-resistant building materials when I can.

3. Plan to evacuate when necessary and go!

4. Share my knowledge with my neighbors and friends.

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If each resident of Lane County protects their home, prepares for shutoffs and evacuations, and plans ahead for wildfire season, our community will be safer. We are working year-round to maintain and improve our system, clear vegetation and provide information on PSPS events. Lane Electric is with you every step of the way as you Get Wildfire Ready, Lane County.