Environmental Commitment

Lane Electric’s Environmental Commitment

As one of 18 rural electric cooperatives in the state of Oregon, we exist for the benefit of our local community – a community that recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability and stewardship. We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and to protect resources for generations to come.

Carbon Neutral Commitment

Our goal, along with many of our partner cooperatives, is to build and maintain a future power supply portfolio that achieves being clean, affordable, and reliable. Lane Electric knows that for our members, 100% carbon-neutrality is achievable, affordable and reliable. We are planning for the future, today.

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Clean Power

The Pacific Northwest is fortunate to have one of the cleanest power portfolios in the nation, with almost no electricity sourced from fossil fuels. More than 95 percent of Lane Electric’s power comes from carbon-free sources, with the majority from hydroelectric energy provided by Bonneville Power Administration. The remaining portion of our power comes from other conventional and renewable resources.

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Electric Vehicles Program

We are committed to clean air and increasing member adoption of electric vehicles. When members make the switch to an EV not only are they using less fossil fuel, but they also qualify for a number of incentives and promotions – like tax credits. The Pacific Northwest is an ideal place to own an EV as much of the power comes from hydroelectric and renewable energy sources. We encourage our members to make the switch.

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Renewable Energy

Lane Electric is one of a group of Oregon electric co-ops who have joined forces to offer “green” or renewable electricity to their members. We have made annual contributions to the Bonneville Environmental Fund (BEF) for the research and development of new renewable or “green” resources for many years. Lane Electric is involved with many of the new “green” projects that have been developed recently.

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Energy Efficiency Options

Lane Electric offers a variety of energy efficiency options and programs for members. Learn more about our offerings: