Fee Schedules

This page provides the account fees, excerpts from Lane Electric’s service policy and current electric rate schedules.

Fees & Service Policy Information

  • Collection Fees:
    • 1st & 2nd occurrence in a 12 month period: $25 per occurrence
    • 3 or more occurrences in a 12 month period: $40 per occurrence
  • Deposits: Residential
    • Minimum Deposit Amount: $250
    • Maximum Deposit Amount:  2 times the highest monthly bill for the preceding 24 months
  • Deposits: Commercial
    • Calculated / estimated @ 2x the highest bill or transformer size
  • Late Fee: Balances of $50 or greater will receive a fee of 1.5% of the past due balance ($5 minimum).
  • Membership Fee: $1
  • Meter Test Fee: $25
  • Overtime Connection Fee: $250
  • Rental Property Agreement Fee: $30
  • Returned Check (NSF) Fee: $35
  • Service Fee For Setting Up A New Account: $25
  • Unauthorized Meter Entry Fee: $500
  • Power Theft or Power Diversion Fee: $500

Unauthorized Meter Entry Fee (Meter Entry Without Prior Authorization)

The electric meter is the sole property of Lane Electric Cooperative and may not be tampered with or removed by anyone other than Lane Electric personnel. If a meter seal needs to be removed for an electrician to perform some work, permission must be obtained before any work begins. Unauthorized entry by any party, including a licensed electrician, will result in the member being charged a $500 unauthorized meter entry fee. It is also the member’s responsibility to report broken meter glass or cut meter seals to the cooperative immediately.