Heat Pump Program

Heat Pump Rebates & Loans

The Pacific Northwest climate provides ideal conditions for high-efficiency heat pumps. A properly sized and installed ducted or ductless mini-split heat pump can reduce energy waste. Save energy and money every month with a variable speed heat pump that maximizes efficiency. Inverter-driven technology helps ensure you stay comfortable while saving energy.

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Program Requirements

  • Pre-approval is required before installation for all heat pump rebates and loans.
  • Qualifying ducted heat pumps must be inverter-driven with an HSPF2 and SEER2 rating that meets federal minimum requirements.
  • Installation must be done by a Lane Electric approved HVAC contractor.
  • Authorize a Lane Electric representative to conduct quality insurance inspection to assure program requirements are followed.
  • Qualifying heat pumps can only be installed in a permanent residence (no hardship permits) served by Lane Electric.

Rebate and Loan Information

Lane Electric offers a cash rebate of $800 or a 48 month 0% interest loan for up to $9,000 for qualifying installations. Loans must be approved through Pacific Cascade Federal Credit union prior to installation.

Commercial Incentives

Incentive levels for lighting, building shell and HVAC measures will vary depending on the equipment installed. Contractor payment is made upon final inspection and approval of installed measures by Lane Electric.

Installation Checklist

To insure your complete satisfaction when installing a heat pump, please follow this checklist:

  • Be sure your electric service meets the additional requirements for serving a heat pump. Your contractor should address this issue. NOTE: Lane Electric will verify, when needed, that your electric service meets the starting requirements of the new heat pump. If required, Lane Electric will schedule a time to upgrade your electric service.
  • Download and refer to the specific program information in one of the packets above for more details..
  • Make the “shell” of your home as energy efficient as possible. An analysis or energy audit of the building components and existing insulation levels (shell) will help determine what weatherization items, if any, should be completed prior to installing your new heat pump. Insulation levels in your home must meet LEC specifications before any incentives will be available for heat pumps.
  • Contact dealers for bids. A Contractor List with multiple choices is available from our office. As you obtain your bids, feel free to contact our Energy Services Department if you have any questions.
  • Ductwork is one of the most important parts of your heating/cooling system! You can reduce duct losses by having existing ducts tested and sealed.
  • For Loans: Select the bid you wish to use. Return the bid, the pre-authorization sheet (completed by the contractor), and your credit application to Lane Electric’s Energy Services Department.
  • Wait to hear from Lane Electric regarding loan approval. When financing and system pre-authorization are approved, call your contractor and have them begin installation. NOTE: It is very important that you do not commit to an installation until you are notified that these items have been authorized.
  • OR, if you wish to apply for a rebate, have your contractor complete a system pre-authorization form prior to starting the job. Upon authorization by LEC’s Energy Services Department, have your contractor begin installation. Once the job is complete, return the rebate form and sales receipt to Lane Electric within 30 days of installation of the system.
  • Upon job completion, we may inspect your new heating system and answer any final questions. Your rebate or loan will be processed when the inspection is complete and the system approved.

Please call one of our Energy Services Representatives at 541-484-1151 if you have any questions.