New Construction

Getting Started

Before any work can begin, there are a number of items that must be considered and completed:

  1. Contact Lane Electric for appointment and complete membership application (this can be done by phone).
  2. If a temporary service is required for construction, a non-refundable charge of $150 will be billed to your account.
  3. To establish credit, please call Lane Electric’s Customer Service Department to determine whether or not a deposit is required.
  4. Provide copy of County construction permit or other permit when applicable. (See example page 5.)
  5. If appropriate, arrange for telephone and cable television companies to notify Lane Electric if they wish to jointly occupy right-of-way.
  6. If applicable, pay the estimated cost of construction.  (Lane Electric will either refund the excess or bill the incremental cost to true up the estimated cost to the actual cost of construction.)
  7. NOTE:  Lane Electric may need 7 to 28 working days after all payments and requirements have been met before work can be done.
  8. Grant or obtain an easement (necessary for all new accounts).
    • An easement is required from the owner(s) of all properties which a power line crosses in addition to the property to be served. (See sample easement, page # 4.)
    • On each easement a metes and bound description is preferred but a subdivision name and lot number is acceptable if the subdivision has been platted and finally filed with the County Surveyor.
    • Easements must be completed in black ink or typed by all joint owners or part owners and notarized.
    • Overhead line extensions and services will only be considered under special circumstances.

    NOTE:  For underground (high voltage) primary line required to serve property, easement shall be 20 feet in width, or Public Utility Easement if acceptable to the Cooperative.

  9. Unless determined otherwise by Lane Electric, high-voltage underground cable trenches will be included in Lane Electric’s facility costs. Trenches located on the member’s property will be provided by the member.  The low voltage service conductor trench shall be provided by the consumer, from the pole or transformer pad to the meter location.
  10. All information shown above is subject to changes in policies, legal requirements, construction costs, etc. If more than 120 days elapse between initial contact and commencement of construction, all cost estimates, scheduling and other related items, are void.

This listing is merely an aid to the party requesting service in establishing a new service, and is not binding to the Cooperative.

General Responsibilities

Who Does What?


  • Please contact Engineering & Operations Secretary to arrange an appointment on the property site.


  • Engineering Technician meets with you or your designated person at the job site.
  • Initiates your staking job order.
  • Cost estimate is prepared and consumer is contacted and billed.

NOTE:  Cost estimates are $300 for individuals and $500 for commercial projects. The cost estimate will be credited to the construction if the construction is paid within 120 calendar days from the date of the final cost estimate. Otherwise the cost estimate will be forfeited.


  • Please contact Engineering & Operations to arrange an appointment on the property site after the necessary paperwork and monies have been submitted.
  • Grant or obtain easement(s).
  • Obtains proper permits. It is your responsibility to know the County regulations.  Phone numbers are listed below:
    • Lane County: 541-686-7828
    • City of Eugene: 541-682-5086
    • City of Oakridge: 541-782-2258
    • City of Lowell: 541-937-2157
    • City of Veneta: 541-935-2191
  • Sends payment for the estimated cost of construction.
  • Obtains meter base.
  • Call permitting agency for inspection.
  • Furnish trench and conduit, if applicable.
  • Call Lane Electric at 541-484-1151 for inspection.


Easement Form (PDF)