Joint Use

Requirements for Joint Use Agreement and Pole Attachment Permit Applications

Any or all utilities desiring to use in any way, the poles belonging to the Cooperative, shall before making any attachment to said pole or poles:

1. Have a contract for a “Joint Use Agreement” with the Cooperative. If you do not have a current contract with Lane Electric, you may download the template from the link: LEC PLA Template

2. Create a new ticket in NJUNS (Permit Application) and upload the proposed design package in accordance with the Lane Electric Permit Procedure. Download the Lane Electric Permit Procedure in the link: LEC Permit Procedure

The design package shall include a completed Lane Electric survey spreadsheet. Download the Lane Electric survey spreadsheet template in the link: LEC Survey Spreadsheet

3. Pay the non-refundable Permit Application fee and per attachment fee as detailed in the Lane Electric Permit Procedure.

Lane Electric will process each Permit Application within the timelines and constraints specified in OAR 860-028-0100. All attachments must be installed in compliance with the Lane Electric Joint Use Guide. Download the LEC Joint Use Guide and the NESC loading zone .KMZ in the links: LEC Joint Use Guide and NESC loading zones .KMZ