Net Metering Member Comment Period

Reassessing Net Metering Limits

On February 28 from 9-9:30 a.m. Lane Electric will open up a comment period to hear from members regarding net metering limits for 2024.

To balance the interest of all members, the aggregated level of net metering generation for the cooperative in 2023 was limited to two percent of the system’s historic single-hour peak load (amount of energy consumed by members). Management and the Lane Electric Board of Directors are reviewing proposed projects and accessing a new cap of three percent for the current year.

Members, whether they have a net metered account or not, can share comments on this topic at the February board meeting.

What Is Net Metering?

  • Net metering measures and values the output of customer-owned power generation.
  • If your generation source (often solar panels) generates more power than you use, it offsets kilowatt-hour charges on your monthly electricity bill. Any surplus energy returns to the power provider, creating a kilowatt-hour credit for future electricity bills.
  • It’s important to note that members with net metered accounts still pay the basic charge, which covers infrastructure and administrative costs.
  • Each state handles net metering differently. Oregon utilities must adhere to rules established by ORS 757.300.
  • Lane Electric sets a separate limit on net metering to ensure the cooperative has proper resources to meet member demand and ensure safe, reliable operation of the power grid.
  • You can join the February Board Meeting on February 28 from 9-9:30 a.m. To attend virtually or in person, please submit this form.
  • Fill out the comment form anytime between now and February 27.

Before starting a solar project contact Lane Electric’s Energy Services team at 541-484-1151 to ensure all projects comply with the cooperative’s standards.