A Note Of Thanks

Dear Member:

A warm “thank you” to those who came out in August to the Lane Electric annual gatherings held this year in Dorena, Blue River, Westfir, and at our World Headquarters on Bailey Hill Road in Eugene. You bring a wonderful sense of community to those events. Your directors, the Lane Electric staff who make it all happen, and I appreciate you.

The meeting at headquarters in Eugene included election results: Jerry Shorey is your new director from the Oakridge district—Congratulations Jerry! He replaces Jeri Nelson who after 21 years as a director chose to pursue life’s next challenges—Farewell Jeri!

The four bylaw amendments passed, including one that changed the timing for these meetings to either April, May or June. That means we’re already starting to plan for next year’s annual meeting. If you have a helpful suggestion for our meetings, please let us know. They are your opportunity to experience the co-op you support and that supports you.

Additionally, a special “thank you” to two members who each won drawings for a $100 electric bill credit and immediately donated their prize to Lane Electric’s Member Assistance Program (MAP). Their generosity and example are inspiring and kind. We work hard with our members to help manage bill pressures, and we can because of such random acts of kindness as these.

Our MAP Plus program is another way to help your neighbor by rounding up your monthly bill to the nearest dollar. It’s small change with a big impact. Have you committed a random act of kindness recently? Lane Electric makes it easy!

The people living where you live formed Lane Electric over 75 years ago to serve their community. We strive to honor their effort in continued service for the benefit of your communities. Again, thank you for coming together to celebrate and further that legacy.