Worth the Investment? Spotlight on Ductless Heat Pumps

Lane Electric offers members support on ductless heat pump purchases

With chilly temperatures in the forecast, itā€™s a good time to keep an eye on energy use and consider options to manage potentially high bills. Ductless heat pumps are a cost-effective and energy-efficient investment.

They function the same way as traditional heat pumpsā€” absorbing energy in the form of heat from one location and moving it to anotherā€”but without the need for ducts. These systems can use 50% less energy than electric resistance heatingā€”such as furnaces, baseboards and wall heatersā€” which makes them a great way to help lower bills.

Ductless heat pumps also provide cooling, which means a single system can deliver year-round benefits.

The typical cost for a ductless system and installation is $4,000 to $7,000. Payback periods range, but installation and equipment costs typically can be recouped in four to eight years. With a 15- to 20-year lifespan, a ductless heat pump is an investment that is both good for your bank account and for the environment.

Financing & Rebates

Lane Electric Cooperative offers two funding options for ductless heat pumps. Members can get support with financing, good for up to $9,000 at 0% interest on qualified systems. Those who would like to finance independently can take advantage of a $500 rebate for qualifying heat pumps, geothermal and ductless units.

To learn more, contact one of Lane Electricā€™s energy services representatives at (541) 484-1151.

Information provided by Comfort Ready Homes and Touchstone Energy Cooperative.

Ductless Systems Have 3 Main Components

  • Indoor wall-mounted unit
  • Outdoor ground-based unit
  • Remote control

The indoor and outdoor units are connected by a small bundle of cables including a refrigerant line. These cables only require a three inch hole in the wall for installation.

How It Works

Graphic showing how a ductless heat pump sysmte works. The outdoor compressor unit sends hot or cold air through the conduit into the home via the indoor air handler.A heat pump transfers heat using refrigerant expansion and compression within a cycle…what does that mean?

It means it takes cold air and makes it warm – and takes warm air and makes it cold!

Ductless systems have an ultra-quiet fan that circulates air evenly throughout living areas, eliminating hot and cold spots. Installation is also a relatively easy and low cost compared with a full centrally ducted system.

You can install a ductless system in your main living area and keep your existing heating system in place to ensure all rooms remain at the desired temperature even on the coldest days.