Line Estimator

Choose the town below that is closest to where you would like to have your new service estimated.

This Line Extension estimator is intended to calculate an approximate cost for a new electrical service, PROVIDED there are no special conditions or requirements. You may use this tool to calculate estimates of alternative construction designs.

BEFORE construction can begin, it will be necessary for a Lane Electric staking technician to visit with you and prepare a specific, site-related plan and cost estimate. You may contact Lane Electric's engineering office during our regular office hours to schedule an appointment with our staking technicians.

You will be required to pay a $300 design fee if you schedule an onsite appointment with a staking technician. This fee will be applied to the total cost of construction if you elect to have the new service built within 4 months of the technician's appointment.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This is a ballpark estimate and it is based on a full Lane Electric crew and a full day’s labor. Costs will vary based on each job. Some will take longer and require a full crew. Others might take only part of a day and require a partial crew. You will receive a final estimate from one of Lane Electric’s Staking Technicians that reflects actual costs, once a field visit has been performed.

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Significant rock outcroppings or formations in the proposed path?
Significant slope present in the proposed path?

A 20% slope – e.g., 2' rise over 10' – is significant.

Are there significant angles or changes in direction in the proposed path for your new electric service?
No transformer available?
What kind of facility is nearest?
Existing transformer available?
Size of service?
Type of service estimate?
Inside city limits of Veneta, Lowell or Eugene?

Where is the new service location?