Protect your home and neighborhood from wildfires

Harden your home. Create a line of defense between potential fires and you. Consider taking these steps every year before fire season to keep your home safe.

Steps to protect your home and neighborhood from wildfires

The National Fire Protection Agency recommends removing any loose debris that could catch fire. Start by removing dead leaves and pine needles from your gutters and roof as well as replacing missing shingles or roof tiles. Installing metal mesh screening to vents in your eaves or attics will also help keep embers out. Another important step is repairing or replacing damaged or loose window screens and broken windows and using wire mesh to screen-in areas below patios and decks to prevent flammable materials from building up.

Removing ignition materials is the best way to keep an ember from catching. The Oregon Department of Forestry recommends creating “defensible zones” with a clear perimeter of at least 30 ft. around your home. That includes trimming trees near your roof and removing mulch, flammable plants and firewood piles. Check out our tree trimming tips here.

The Oregon State Fire Marshall and Oregon Department of Forestry recommend planting only fire-resistant plants close to your home with proper spacing to prevent ignition. Keeping all plants, trees, shrubs, and mulch watered also decreases their ability to catch fire and increases the safety of your home.

Install fire-resistant windows to protect openings and use attic ventilation devices that help reduce ember invasion. Was your home or business damaged in a 2020 wildfire? You might be eligible for a grant to help harden your home.

Knowing what to expect when it’s time for a shutoff or evacuation provides a sense of calm during a stressful situation. There are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare and assemble the right supplies[/row]