Small Appliances

It makes sense to focus on the appliances and equipment that have been covered in this brochure, because combined they make up an estimated 90% of your monthly energy bill. Most of the remaining appliances in your home are relatively inexpensive to operate.

  • Give your home an energy check-up:  Contact your local electric utility to see what services are available. If available, have their representative provide your home with an “energy check-up.” They will survey your appliances and estimate how much energy they use and then recommend low-cost or no-cost saving measures that are just right for your home.
  • Play it safe:  Besides wasting energy, leaving electric appliances and equipment on unnecessarily will cause them to wear out faster. It may also be a significant safety hazard. So, play it safe and turn them off when you’re through.
  • Pull the plug or turn them off:  There’s no need to leave your television set, computer, curling iron, electric skillet, or iron on when you’re not using them.