Right of Way Access

We May Be on Your Property Without Notice Patrolling the Lines During Outages

Right-of-way access allows linemen to keep the power on for you and your neighbors.

Jerry, Gary W. and Kevin of Lane Electric working to restore power during a power outage.

The electric system is a network of poles and wires that crisscross hill and dale, over your property and that of your neighbors. Unfortunately, those poles, wires and underground lines don’t always run in front of our members’ driveways. Even if your power isn’t out, our linemen and servicemen are required to occasionally patrol the lines — without notice — in out-of-the-way areas of members’ property. This lets us find the source of an up-or-downstream outage, or to evaluate ongoing maintenance needs.

We access your property only when necessary to inspect, maintain and restore electric service to you and your community. Our linemen respect your privacy, and will always be wearing Lane Electric clothing so that you can easily identify them.

Lane Electric Co-op, as with all utilities, requires that members grant right-of-way access to its equipment for routine maintenance, to conduct required inspections of our equipment, to verify meter readings and to troubleshoot and restore outages.

By allowing access to the right-of-way, you help us keep the electric service we furnish to you and your neighbors is as reliable as it can be. We appreciate your understanding when we must enter the right-of-way on your property.