ORECA Action – Join Today

There is an old adage in politics: “when elected officials feel the heat, they see the light.” Today, I’m asking for your help to make sure all our elected officials see the light.  With the Oregon Legislature and the U.S. Congress convening in only a few short months, it’s more important than ever to band together and promote common sense solutions to our energy future.  We need you to join Lane Electric’s grassroots energy because the stakes have never been higher.

Joining is easy. Simply go to laneelectric.com and click on the ORECA logo shown below.  Follow the instructions to register. Or you can stop by Lane Electric’s office and fill out a simple card that enrolls you in this important program. By signing up for ORECA-Action, you’ll maximize your voice and become part of a growing team of electric cooperative advocates in the state of Oregon. Not only will you receive timely, informative updates on keys issues that affect your electric bill, you’ll occasionally be called upon to hold elected officials accountable on legislation that affects our ability to deliver you affordable, reliable electricity.

I’m proud of our record delivering clean, renewable electricity to our members. Yet, each legislative session we are subjected to mandates or other proposals that threaten to add to the cost of your electricity bill. But we are not powerless. It’s amazing how an organized group of citizens can impact the legislative process simply by banding together in a collective voice. Please join thousands of other Oregonian electric co-op members who are already part of this vital program by signing up at laneelectric.com or ORECA-Action.org.  Or just come by our office and tell us you want to be part of our grassroots team.  We’ll make you a deal. We’ll provide the light if you help elected officials see the light on important legislation.

If you have any questions about this program, please call Dave D’Avanzo on my staff at 541-484-1151.

Thank you for considering being part of Lane Electric’s grassroots advocacy team.