Meet Lane Electric’s New Hole-y Grail!

Lane Electric Cooperative is the first utility in Lane County to add a digger derrick on tracks to its fleet. So, what exactly is a digger derrick, you ask? It’s a piece of equipment used to dig holes, set poles and work with various materials. You have probably seen a standard digger derrick on a boom truck around town.

The track is what sets Lane Electric’s new truck apart. A digger derrick on tracks is suited for terrains with less-than-optimal conditions, like grounds that have steep inclines or are waterlogged. It’s also effective in deep snow because its tracks can turn sharper in addition to forward and backward. Digger derricks on tracks are versatile in use and save on cost, time and staffing because they reduce the need for multiple boom trucks and crews on site.

Lane Electric will decrease power outage restoration times for members with this investment. The digger will also be used for maintenance throughout the year. Keep an eye out for the impressive piece of equipment. It’s hard to miss!