Manager’s Message – November 2017

Dear Co-op Community Members:

Down the line

Your electric Co-op’s financial health looks good enough to get us through the winter season without a rate increase. The Co-op’s Board recognizes the value to members of not having a rate increase happen right before we all start using more electricity to heat our homes.

That’s why both the Board and staff are relieved to see that Lane Electric’s financial health is strong enough to carry us through winter.

In April, we expect to have a rate increase to address reliability improvements, inflationary pressures, and the Bonneville Power Administration’s wholesale power costs.

Stretching dollars to help members manage their winter budgets is just one example of the benefits of being part of Lane Electric Co-op. A co-op exists to return value to the grassroots community that created it—monetary value and community value.

Your Co-op is not-for-profit, so if higher electricity use from a cold winter brings in more revenue than budgeted, then yourdemocratically elected

Board may use that money to delay a rate increase and you still receive back a proportional share of the net excess margin as a capital credit.

Your Co-op supports and nurtures the rural community fabric that our members cherish.

Lane Electric donates to our local Granges, food banks, and high school graduation nights. We work side-by-side on economic development issues with the communities of Oakridge, Westfir, Lowell, Veneta, Creswell, Lorane, Crow, Dorena, McKenzie Bridge, Rainbow, and Vida to help them have a sustainable future.

Bottom line: Lane Electric Co-op delivers more than electricity. We energize the communities we serve.

Matt Michel, General Manager