Manager’s Message – June 2022

Maintaining Healthy & Safe Communities

Debi WilsonDear Co-op Community Members:

It’s hard to believe we’re only weeks away from the official start of summer. While spring brought an usually wet and chilly April, it wasn’t enough to change the reality that nearly 90% of Oregon is experiencing drought conditions. As I mentioned last month, that’s a topic on the minds of Lane Electric and other rural electric cooperatives around the state as we approach wildfire season.

We’re taking important steps to mitigate wildfire danger, including trimming and clearing brush, improving system resiliency and testing public safety power shutoff functionality. These efforts are important to maintain the health and safety of our communities.

To be successful, we need your support.

In the coming weeks, we will share more about steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of wildfires and protect your family and property. We look forward to partnering with you on this joint effort.

Speaking of prioritizing safety and preparedness, I’m excited to share that Lane Electric Cooperative recently was recognized for an exemplary safety record by the Northwest Public Power Association. Following a review of safety records, Lane Electric was recognized along with Columbia River PUD, Missoula Electric Cooperative and McMinnville Water & Light. We pride ourselves on prioritizing the health and wellness of our employees and will continue to look for ways to improve what we do. The same is true for being stewards of environmental health.


As an organization that relies on hydropower to deliver sustainable, cost-efficient electricity to our members, maintaining the functionality of dams on the Snake River and throughout the Pacific Northwest is an important issue. Today, 90% of our power supply comes from hydropower, with no other dependable, sustainable options. While wind and solar hold wonderful promise, they simply can’t power our grid alone.

As conversations around the future of the lower Snake River dams heat up at state and national levels, it’s important that elected officials understand the critical role the power generated by these dams play in the health of our rural communities and beyond. To make our voices heard, Lane Electric and more than 100 utility organizations across seven states have joined Northwest RiverPartners to help individuals and elected officials in the Northwest realize clean energy potential using hydroelectricity as the cornerstone.

You’ll soon hear more about the role you can play to help elevate awareness around the power of hydro.

Debi Wilson