Manager’s Message — July 2020

A Different Kind of Annual Meeting

Debi WilsonBy the time this message reaches you, we will have conducted our first digital annual meeting. While certainly not our ideal channel of communications, the fact that during this pandemic we can still hold this meeting and conduct the business of the co-op is exciting.

Many of the reports that would typically be shared at our annual meeting will be included in future editions of this magazine. Please take a moment to look at that information when it arrives. We would, of course, still appreciate hearing your questions, comments, and concerns.

Speaking of concerns, there have been many during this time of pandemic and pandemonium in the world. Your cooperative, however, has been running smoothly and efficiently.

We have taken great care to keep our members and employees safe as we follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and state guidelines for doing so. Our ability to keep the power on is truly a life-or-death situation in some cases, and we take this pandemic seriously. We have had zero cases of the virus thus far and plan to keep it that way.

We are relieved to have recently been granted the expanded ability to perform preventive maintenance and storm hardening measures on our system. The summer months are when we perform many of the tasks that increase system reliability during the fall and winter.

System reliability is important, but so is the ability to fund that extremely important work. In these trying times, we are aware of the financial difficulties of many of our members. Our office staff has done its best to stay current on all the options available to those finding themselves in need. Please call us sooner rather than later if you think you need assistance or payment extension.

Financially speaking, Lane Electric is in great shape. That is not necessarily the case for other power companies in the state. Our revenue largely comes from residential energy use, which has seen far less interruption than business or industrial energy use. This often is a double-edged sword, but currently it is working in our favor.

Also working in our favor are the recent new hires we have welcomed to our team. We reported in the annual meeting packet that we have hired 10 new staff members this past year. These are not additions to our overall numbers, but rather replacements for retirements and people who have moved on to other opportunities. Three of those new hires are management staff who were hired after national searches. I couldn’t be happier with the team we have assembled and the work of our staff.

Most importantly, these hires have increased our capacity to offer exceptional customer service and ensure sustainable energy sources for our members.

We are proud to serve you and proud to be owned by those we serve!

Debi Wilson
General Manager