Manager’s Message – January 2023

Good News About Rates

Dear Co-op Members:

Debi WilsonIt’s hard to believe we’re already starting a new year. As we jump into 2023, I want to share a couple of updates related to Lane Electric rates.

As you know, all members pay a basic charge for electric service. This fixed rate covers the non-energy costs of providing electricity—such as infrastructure and administrative services—for each meter on a member’s account.

I’m happy to report that through incremental rate management over the years, a better-than-projected year and a financial return from the Bonneville Power Administration, there will be no rate increase for the basic charge in 2023.

Additionally, in response to member feedback, we are adding a new rate category. Starting in January, Lane Electric Cooperative will implement a secondary meter rate for residential members with multiple meters on their account.

All members will continue to pay the basic charge for meter service to their main residence. A fixed rate of $29 will be charged for each additional meter—a savings of nearly 20%. The multimeter rate applies only to nonresidential outbuildings and equipment, such as barns, shops, gates and wells.

We will share more information about the multimeter rate early this month. We appreciate the support of the cooperative’s board of directors in adopting this change.

Best wishes for a great start to the new year.

Debi Wilson