Manager’s Message — February 2022

Opportunity to Grow: Lane Electric Scholarships

Dear Co-op Community Members:

Debi WilsonSupporting our members and community is a core value of Lane Electric Cooperative, as well as the public power industry. Many public power utilities were started by passionate community members seeking reliable and locally controlled electric service.

Public power utilities are also embedded in the communities they serve, supporting a wide range of charitable and educational programs. At Lane Electric, giving back to our community is one of the many reasons we enjoy being a part of public power.

One program we love supporting each year is our Lane Electric scholarships. For more than 20 years, we have provided scholarships to Lane Electric members-at-large, as well as graduating high school seniors. These scholarships help our community members grow and contribute through new careers and opportunities. You could be rewarded with money to help attend Lane Community College, Vocational Outdoor Line Training Academy, or a college of your choice.

We have more than $20,000 in scholarships available to help you begin your journey. There are a few important details and requirements. You must be a Lane Electric member or a dependent of a qualifying Lane Electric member. You also must get your application into Lane Electric by 1 p.m. Thursday, April 7, 2022. Details are on our website our Scholarships page. Applications can be emailed, mailed, or put in our dropbox.

There are many exciting scholarship opportunities available:

  • A $4,500 scholarship to Lane Community College available to one 2022 high school graduate.
  • A $5,500 scholarship to VOLTA Trade School available to one 2022 high school graduate or member-at-large.
  • Two $3,000 scholarships to any two- or four-year college available to members or dependents.
  • A $4,500 Dave D’Avanzo Memorial Community Scholarship available to one member-at-large.

We hope you take this opportunity to apply. If this is not the time for you or your family, we hope you share this information with your Lane Electric neighbors. We enjoy providing a step toward the future of our community.

We look forward to meeting some of you very soon. Best wishes on your journey!

Debi Wilson