Help Us Help You By Giving Us Access To Our Equipment

Dear members-

As winter approaches, I’d like to remind you that having access to our facilities located on or around your property 24/7/365 is crucial to providing reliable electric service.

Whether it’s the day-to-day tasks, large weather events, or our need to clear the right-of-way, our field employees must be able to access our facilities to make repairs and keep the electricity flowing to you and other members near you.

Most importantly however, is our commitment to safety – yours and ours. In emergency situations, a house fire for example, we must have access to our facilities to turn off the power so the emergency personnel can safely do their jobs – saving property and lives.

Many have provided us with keys to their locks. Others have provided codes for their electric gates, and we appreciate that. In situations where members have not been comfortable with us having a key or gate code, we will provide a “consumer lock”, upon request, which we will install, in unison, with your lock and/or chain. This provides access to our employees without having a copy of your key.

If you’ve entrusted us with your gate key or gate code, thank you. It makes things much more simple. If not, please give it some consideration. In an emergency, we will access our facilities by whatever means necessary to provide access to emergency personnel or to restore electric service.

Our promise to you and all our members is that we will do our best to provide safe and reliable electric service around the clock.

So, please think about this and if you haven’t granted us access to your property yet, please consider doing so and give our office a call at 541-484-1151. It helps us help you, and those around you.

Wishing you and your family the very best for the upcoming Holiday Season.

Matt Michel
General Manager