Ensuring Access to Lane Electric Equipment

Ensuring Access to Lane Electric Equipment

Lane Electric Cooperative requires unobstructed access to our electric meters and equipment for reading, inspecting, maintaining, and repairing to ensure proper readings and accurate billing as well as right-of-way clearing and vegetation management. It is each member’s responsibility to provide reasonable and safe access for Lane Electric staff and contractors.

Here are a couple of reasons you’ll see the cooperative, and our partners, out and about this summer:

  • Equipment inspections. Starting in June, members in Veneta and West Eugene will see personnel from Allegiant Utility Services conducting routine meter inspections. The cooperative completes inspections on about one-third of its electric meters annually. Members located in this year’s inspection area have been notified by mail and email.
  • Meter reading. In some cases, when meters don’t automatically read, you may see a cooperative employee out pulling a read to ensure accurate billing.
  • Vegetation management. Contracted right-of-way crews from West Lane Tree Service and Upper Cut Tree Service will be out maintaining line clearances and may have questions for homeowners.

To increase transparency, Lane Electric is working with our contractors to improve their identification as a cooperative partner.

If you have locked or electric gates, or dogs or other animals that need to be considered, let us know so we can make proper arrangements before inspectors arrive. You can email Lane Electric with your gate code. If you have questions or would like more information, call us at (541) 484-1151.