A Survey in Your Future

Please Help Us Plan For Your Future Energy Needs

Lane Electric Cooperative is conducting its biennial survey of a random sample of our residential members this month. This survey is an important part of our ongoing effort to wisely plan for your future energy needs. The information gathered helps keep costs low for our members, and helps us tailor programs that are meaningful to you.

Only a small, randomly selected portion of our residential members will receive a copy of the survey in the mail. If you receive a survey, please take a few minutes to complete and return it in the postage-paid envelope provided. The survey asks questions about your home, your appliances, energy-efficiency measures, and your opinions about energy use and related topics. Your timely input will help with decisions about power supply and conservation efforts at both the cooperative level and the wholesale power supply level.

Since only a small number of our residential members are receiving this survey, your response is important to us. Surveys help create a clearer picture of member needs. No identifying information is requested, so you will remain anonymous. Your responses are held in the strictest confidence.

The survey is administered by PNGC Power, the wholesale power cooperative of which Lane Electric is one of 14 members. Lane Electric members have participated in this survey since 2010, and it is a great tool in forecasting needs and planning effective ways to meet them.

Once the survey data is tallied, we will report what we learn to our members. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 541-484-1151 or get in touch via email at comment.question@laneelectric.com if you have any questions or concerns about the survey.

By completing this survey, you are helping Lane Electric ensure a stable supply of electricity at the lowest rates for all our members. If you are called upon, we greatly appreciate your participation.