2022 Lane Electric Board Candidates

Central District

Barry T. Zalac headshotBarry T. Zalac

Occupation: Civil and Environmental Engineer.

Educational Background: MS Civil and Environmental Engineering, BS Civil Engineering, AS Mathematics.

Civic and Public Affairs: Public presentation of engineering projects. Here I brought the residents and business people up to speed on a project either in design or about to construct. Out of these presentations, I would quite often get valuable ideas to incorporate into the project. I very much value these kind of meetings. I have also functioned as the conduit to the media and have appeared on television and radio. I believe that I will take these experiences into my new task as your director.

Candidate Statement: I grew up in rural Michigan and by college time I couldn’t pay the fees for the University of Michigan so off I went to California where the tuitions were dirt cheap at that time. I received a great education that carried all through my career. As an Engineer in California, I learned a great deal about working with other agencies, particularly Pacific Gas and Electric. I was on the ground right after the Loma Prieta quake in San Francisco. I evaluated houses and businesses for occupancy. This function utilized my Engineering skills but more importantly, it honed my ability to work with the general public. Following that experience, I attended an ATC-20 earthquake seminar (Applied Technology Council) for the inspection of damaged buildings. Ultimately, I became the director for building post-earthquake evaluations for all of California. This experience taught me teamwork as well as leadership skills. This role as well as my design work helped me to work as a team with subordinate staff. I had a full-time staff of up to 33 engineers and technicians. I also led the student internship program employing around 20 college students every summer, and I was in the field overseeing my staff and their staff over a 4 county area in Northern California. I further teach 2-day seminars on ATC-20 to groups of Engineers and Technicians. Earthquake awareness is growing in Oregon, and this will be an asset in my back pocket. I feel very strongly about this opportunity to serve as your Director, and I ask for your vote. Over the next 3 years, I will spend time earning your trust.

Joy Olgyay

Joy Olgyay headshotOccupation: Retired (2007). Now hay farmer.

Educational Background: MBA, Finance

Civic and Public Affairs: Budget Committee, LCOG, AARP Tax Aide, Ambassador, Eugene Chamber of Commerce, President, Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco.

Candidate Statement: If you elect me to represent you, I will make sure that LEC is working for its members, both individuals, and businesses. And I want to make sure LEC can meet its long-term financial challenges.

This means reconciling two perspectives. Does LEC understand the needs of its members? Can LEC achieve all the goals set out by its members? And can LEC pay for all this, while also paying attention to the daily stream of challenges: emergency response, wildfires, ice storms, sourcing energy?

Putting these two perspectives together is among the most important functions of the board. I have done this before, having had over 30 years of experience in finance. I worked as a corporate banker, strategic planner, economist, and educator. I have been a member of LEC for over 20 years. I am retired and live on my small hay farm.

Last year I audited LEC board meetings. Afterward, I noted to a board member that these meetings didn’t report on the membership, their concerns, issues, etc. I was told that going forward the board would include the membership as an agenda item. We can all do better when we solicit feedback.

It is important to have a shared vision for what LEC should do. Together we can make this vision a reality.

Row River District

Krissi M. Martes headshotKrissi M. Martes (Kris)

Occupation: Retired Police Sergeant.

Educational Background: Bachelor’s Degree from Portland State University.

Civic and Public Affairs: Former State Director for the Law Enforcement Torch Run– Special Olympics. Retired Law Enforcement Officer – 29 years of service. As a police officer, I worked a variety of assignments – Patrol, Violent Crimes, Background Investigations, Bomb Squad, Bike Patrol, Crowd Control Team, and Campus Sergeant.

Candidate Statement: My family has been within the Lane Electric
Boundaries for the past several years. Over the years, we and/or our friends and neighbors have been impacted by the windstorms, snowfall, and the recent fires. Throughout each event, Lane Electric Cooperative has been responsive to providing updated information to calling out personnel. As a retired public servant, I admire and want to be part of a cooperative that recognizes the importance of working with and for the community they serve.