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The Co-op Connections Card

Co-op Card 3One more benefit of cooperative membership!

Lane Electric is always looking for ways to increase the benefits of being a member of our cooperative and our community. The Co-op Connections Card is a national discount card program that is free to Lane Electric members. It offers 10-60 percent discounts on prescription drugs at participating pharmacies, as well as special discounts and deals from local and national businesses!

Need a card? Email us with your name and mailing address and we’ll send one out right away!

Participating Businesses
For your convenience, here is a list of merchants in Lane Electric’s service area that have joined the Co-op Connections Card Program (so far) and which offer discounts when you use your card. This list DOES NOT include all the discounts offered by national chains, pharmacies and other national merchants. Click here to find discounts on products and services offered by other local and national businesses! Whether you want to order a pizza from a local business or book a hotel room or rent a car in another city, Lane Electric’s Co-op Connections Card Program might provide you with a discount.

If your business would like to participate in the Co-op Connections Card Program, please call World Expositions at (502) 417-2709.

Pharmacy Discounts
The Co-op Connections Card is not insurance, and cannot be used in conjunction with insurance, but it can help you get a great price on prescriptions that are not covered by your insurance. Also, the pharmacy can help you determine if the prescription price is lower with your insurance or with the card. Click here for a list of participating pharmacies. Please note that the member number requested to register on this site is on the back of your card, and it is the same number for all Lane Electric members. You do not need to register on this site to use the card at businesses; it is only necessary to register to use this pharmacy site.

There’s an App For That!
The Co-op Connections Card app download is on the website.  You will find it on the left hand side below the search function box. The app provides a virtual card (front and back) with vital prescription discount info on your phone.  You can also use your phone’s GPS feature to find businesses that accept the card if any are nearby, and identify your favorite discount deals and save them in “My Deals” for easy access.

Additional Savings – this is the main site for the card program. – this site helps you locate participating health providers. – this site helps you locate participating health providers. – print coupons to save money on everyday items. – this site provides discounts for online shopping. The Sponsor ID is Touchstone Energy. – this site helps you locate participating health providers. – find price quotes for prescription medication.
Office Depot discount card (PDF)

Local Business Deals

In addition to all the national discounts available to you with your Co-op Connections Card, many local businesses have joined the program.

  • Look for the Co-op Connections stickers at local businesses.
  • Show your Co-op Connections Card to get their valuable discount offers.
  • Watch for updates on new participating businesses in our newsletter and on this website.


Patti Locks, 502-417-2709