Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Understand My Bill

Understand what each item on your LaneElectric bill means. Below is a detailed explanation.


1. Member Service Information – Provides office hours, member service hours and other contact information for Lane Electric.

2. Total Amount Due and Due Date – Summarizes total amount or budget amount due and due date for the service address listed.

3. Monthly Electricity Usage – Compares previous monthly electric usage to your current month’s usage on the Main Meter. It represents the past 13 months of your total kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage.

4. Explanation of Current Charges – Summarizes usage period, number of days billed and your statement date. Includes information on your meter(s) by showing present and previous readings and kWh used. The multiplier varies by meter size and multiplies meter usage to calculate your actual kWh amount.

5. Cost to Generate Energy You Use (Wholesale Power) – Outlines costs associated with generating electricity you use from our wholesale power provider.

6. Cost to Deliver Energy to Your Location – Summarizes costs associated with delivering electricity to your home or location. The Basic Monthly Service Charge recovers a portion of the cost to maintain the electrical service at your home or location. This charge is included on all member bills – regardless of how much or how little energy is used each month.

7. Account Details – Includes applicable taxes, previous balances, adjustments, budget billing amount, rebates and other miscellaneous charges. It also shows total amount due and due date.

8. Messages from Lane Electric – Read important messages about products, services, promotional offers, notices and events.

9. Payment Stub – Detach this section of your electric bill and return it with your payment. If you participate in Automatic Bill Pay, the “Draft Date” is noted on the payment stub and the “DO NOT MAIL PAYMENT” message also appears.

10. Daily Electricity Usage – Smart Meters allow Lane Electric to capture your daily energy usage for a one-month period and show how much energy you’ve used on each day of the week.

11. Your Electric Bill and the Components Involved – Explains that there are two main costs associated with producing and delivering your electricity: Wholesale Power and Lane Electric Delivery.

14. Other Important Billing Information – Summarizes other billing information including Operation Round Up, due dates, late payment charges, deposit fees (residential or business deposit policy)and check processing.