Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Easy Payment Options for Members

Lane Electric offers several easy ways for members to pay their electric bills each month. You may opt to have the same payment each month via our “Even-Pay” option, use “VISA or MasterCard” or choose our “Electronic Fund Transfer” (EFT) option where you can have your payments deducted out of your checking or savings account each month.

You can also enjoy the convenience of viewing and paying your bill on-line with SmartHub. In addition, there are drop boxes at the following locations:

Member Payment Options

Download our Even-Pay Program Enrollment Form.


The Even-Pay Plan gives members the opportunity to avoid the “ups and downs” of their electric bill. If a member participates in this program, for eleven months they pay an average identical amount based on the electricity use during the past 12 months. On the 12th month members receive a bill that “balances” their account. Depending on their actual electricity use, the bill makes up the difference between their actual bill amount and their average bill amount. If a balance is owed, it must be paid in full. If a credit has accumulated it can be credited to your account or you can request a refund by check if the amount is in excess of $25.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

This option gives members the opportunity to save a check each month and have their electric bill electronically deducted from their checking or savings account. It’s quick and convenient for those who prefer to manage their bills through their banks.  If you are interested in the Electronic Funds (EFT) option, you may set this up using our SmartHub option.

VISA & Master Card

Members have the opportunity to pay their monthly bill with their credit card and possibly accrue points toward travel or reductions on other purchases through their credit card company.

Remember, both EFT and automatic VISA / MasterCard payments are easy ways to pay your electric bill each month and maintain excellent credit with us. In addition, if you choose to the Even-Pay option, and you elect to use your VISA or MasterCard too, you will know exactly what your monthly debit or charge will be ahead of time – a great way to budget monthly funds. You may also decide to continue paying in the traditional method with a check, money order or cashiers check. Cash payments are accepted in our office during regular business hours but please, remember, never send cash through the mail or place it in a drop box.  If you are interested in paying by VISA or MasterCard, you may set this up using our SmartHub option.


You can also enjoy the convenience of viewing and paying your bill on-line with Lane Electric’s innovative SmartHub. Key features include 13-month usage and cost graphs, the ability to inquire on payments, adjustments, current balance and SmartHub history. Choose to pay your bill with Visa, MasterCard, or your checking account. No more stamps, no more writing out checks and there are no extra fees for this service. You can print your bill anytime so you will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail. Lane Electric’s SmartHub uses secure socket technology to protect your transactions.  Please note that SmartHub is a tool for monitoring your energy use – it is not part of our billing system.

It’s easy to sign up! Just click on the “Sign Up Today” button and enter your account number and meter number shown on your last bill and enter your e-mail address. Your password will be sent to you by e-mail. You can change your password once you log on by clicking on the change password button. Once you are signed up you will receive an e-mail every month when your SmartHub is ready to view. If you would like more information on SmartHub call Lane Electric at (541) 484-1151.


No “surprise” monthly billing • No due date / No late fees  • Payments to fit your budget

HOW PAY-AS-YOU-GO WORKS:  When you maintain a credit balance on your Pay-As-You-Go account, charges are deducted daily from your available credit. If your credit balance falls below $20, you will be notified (phone, text, e-mail options.)  Our Member Service department can give you historical usage information so you can plan ahead for both summer and winter energy use. You can check your balance by phone or online via Smart Hub (sign up with Smart Hub at

Once enrolled, you can access this information in the comfort of your home, or on-the-go with your smart phone or iPad. You’ll have access to your Pay-As-You-Go balance 24/7. Through Smart Hub, you can review your daily consumption quickly and easily, helping you manage your energy use for maximum benefit. Come in and talk with our Member Service Representatives for more detailed information on how the program works.

Quick-Pay (NEW)

Our new Quick-Pay option provides a fast and easy to make a payment(s) on your electric bill, anytime day or night.  By simply clicking on the “Make a Payment” button on our home page, you can make a payment.  Simple, quick and easy…and, there’s no signing up for a program.  When you’re finished, you can opt to have a reciept sent to your email address for your records, too.

Pay-By-Phone 24-7-365

With our Pay-by-phone option, you can make a payment on your account anytime day or night.  Simply call 877-562-5503 and have your account number handy.  Then, follow the prompts.  This service eliminates the inconvenience of having to wait to make a payment until the office opens.