Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

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BinocularsLANE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE (formerly known as Lane County Electric Cooperative) has declared distribution of net patronage margins for the year 1982 and 1983.  The following list of patrons have failed to claim their net margins after attempts have been made to contact them and deliver their margins.

This list identifies almost 2,500 members who still have capital credits available with Lane Electric for electric service delivered in 1982 and 1983.   If your name, or the name of someone you know appears on this list, and you / they were a member-patron during the years 1982 and 1983, please contact Lane Electric Cooperative at 787 Bailey Hill Rd., to claim your margins.   NOTE:  The first official notice will appear on February 5, 2017 in the Eugene Register Guard.  Any unclaimed patronage becomes the cooperative’s property absolutely four (4) months after the first publication of this notice, June, 2017.

Lane Electric is looking for persons whose names appear on the following list.  NOTE: Names are listed in alphabetical order.  You may also do a “quick search” by clicking on the the specific letter below, which will take you directly to a specific section, rather than having to scroll through all the sections.

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Able Computer Co, Abrahamson Laurel G, Abrams Andy, Ackley James, Acord Venderleen, Adams Perry, Addison Ron D, Adkins Berlin, Adler Jack, Admire Rodney W, Alacano Craig, Alaniz Mattie W, Albertson Karen R, Aldrich Eugene H, Aleck S J, Alexander G W, Alexander Mavis T, Alexander Robert M, Allen Alice J, Allen Corby L, Allen D P, Allen Elizabeth A, Allensworth Laura G, Allison Ted J, Allran Richard, Alsup Samuel Ejr, Amen Don E, American Federal Savings & Loan, Amsbary Harlow B, Amundson Ronald C, Anders Keith Bjr, Anderson Audrey V, Anderson Don, Anderson Greg, Anderson James W, Anderson Janet L, Anderson Ludmila, Anderson Mark D, Anderson Nancy R, Andreasen Rene K, Angle Robert L, Anguiano Paul, Anthony Mark D, Applegate Apartments, Appleton Diana M, Appling James B, Archer Stephen E, Arciga Ricardo Z, Arnold Michael C, Arre Janet M, Arundel Frank G, Ashcraft Perry, Asson Edward, Atkins David C, Attebery Mark, Atto George E, Aubuchon Marie L, Aulman Earl L, Aydelott Verna, Ayres Patricia E, back to top


Baca Patricia E, Bagby Larry, Bahr John C, Baines Robert C, Baker Bryan D, Baker Christine, Baker Grace C, Baker James E, Baker Michael W, Baker Ralph L, Baker Steven A, Baker Suzanne C, Baldridge Barbara J, Baldwin Elizabeth A, Baldwin John, Baldwin John E, Baldwin Robert W, Bales James P, Bales Patricia, Ball Leon, Ballance Alan L, Ballew Hazel, Balthrop Marvin V, Bank Or Northwest, Banks Genevieve, Banninger Harry J, Barber Forrest B, Barber George, Barbisan Gino, Bard Linda G, Bargre Ceton D, Barkdoll Dalton, Barker Deborah A, Barnes C R, Barr Scott M, Barrett Albert B, Barrett Dan C, Barrett Daniel R, Barry Susan, Basurto Steven, Batton Victor W, Baughman John B, Baumgartner Colleen A, Bay Levi G, Beard William L, Beattie Lawrence, Beaty Bobbie D, Beavers Maxine, Beck Helen, Beckman Laura M, Beede Vicki, Beem Randy R, Begley Delbert, Belknap Woods, Bell Daniel B, Beller Lynn, Bellinger Brian F, Bendler George, Bendt Alfred, Benson David, Benson Diane E, Benton David R, Berg Frank O, Berger Jo A, Bergstrom Cornelia, Bernath Helene, Berry Carl, Berry Larry, Berry Melody L, Bertsch Jim B, Best Wayne A, Beyer Alan W, Bienvenue Paul H, Billick Edward J, Binner Jack A, Bishop Jeanne S, Bishop Marianne, Bittleston Jim L, Black Marci R, Black Steven G, Blakely Martha E, Blalock Judith M, Blanchard Dennis, Blanchard William F, Blankenship Dell W, Blaser Don, Blatchley Robert E, Blaylock Clyde A, Blevins Russell, Blisserd C A, Blocklinger Jean, Bludworth Marian, Blue River Tavern, Blumberg David, Boc Victor, Bock Gary, Bodie Charles H, Boehm Kent A, Boes Robert H, Bokich Todd F, Bomareto George R, Bond Sandra, Bonebrake Raymond D, Bonefeld Barbara A, Booker Mary, Borders Ray, Borem Lyle, Boring Janeice C, Bounds Gary K, Bounds Steven M, Bowman Betty M, Bowman Charlotte W, Bowman Kenneth, Bowman Robin E, Boyd William, Boyle Gregory B, Brackett Charlie C, Bradbury Greg G, Braddock Ronald K, Bradely William C, Braden Bradley, Braden Jeral L, Braden Leonard Kjr, Bradley Ray, Brady Scott A, Brakefield Ronald L, Branom Karla, Brass Douglas S, Bratholt Morris I, Braun Mark E, Bravo Armondo, Bray Rodney W, Brazeau Norman V, Breazeale Nancy M, Brenay Issac, Brewer Brenda A, Brewer Kathy A, Brewster Richard C, Bridgwater Donald L, Brier Larry D, Bright Don, Brimley Susan, Brinson Zeke, Bristol Richard W, Brocksen Robert J, Brorby Michael J, Broughton Janice, Brouillette Ernest Cjr, Broussard William F, Brown Barry D, Brown Douglas W, Brown G J, Brown Liddie, Brown Martin A, Brown Robert F, Brown Sandy L, Brown Timothy M, Brown Timothy R, Brumm Terry, Brunelle William A, Bryant Douglas W, Bryant Kathleen P, Brymer Edna E, Bryson Melvin R, Buchanan Coke, Buchanan Pearl, Buchanan Velma I, Bucholtz Peggy L, Buck Glen A, Budd Sue A, Buffing Lynn, Bullen Gail T, Bunkers Douglas P, Buoy Karen A, Burchfield Colon, Burdett James R, Burgess Donald G, Burghardt Roger D, Burke Cheryl, Burke Patricia, Burness Cathy A, Burnham John D, Burns Bruce W, Burt Kenneth E, Busby Roy L, Bush David E, Butler Alton B, Butler Paul D, Butt Garner W, Buttler Duane, Byers Richard L, Byrd Debbie L, back to top


C & C Auto Supply, C I T Investments, Caballero Ruby, Cabral Alfred J, Cadillac Judy, Cagle Lawrence J, Calandra Philip, Callahan Wes, Callen Marilyn S, Callender Glen, Calvert Mary J, Cameron Barbara, Cammack Nathan, Camp Cordell N, Camp Julian W, Campbell Mary E, Campbell Robert P, Campbell Timothy J, Campbell William L, Campillo Robert H, Canaday Kevin, Cannon Carol, Cape George W, Caplis Dan M, Caretto Nancy K, Caretto Priscilla A, Carey John, Carley David W, Carlson Jan T, Carlson Lori A, Carlson Richard N, Carlson Rick L, Carnahan Robert D, Carney James P, Carpenter Scott R, Carr Evelyn M, Carr Nancy L, Carr Robert D, Carraway Angela, Carrell Carl L, Carroll Lewis D, Carroll Lloyd W, Carter Daryl L, Carter Timothy H, Cartwright Estell F, Cartwright Leroy, Cascade Sports Shop, Cash & Save, Casman Gerry W, Casper Leo Pjr, Casto Billie, Caston Helene N, Cataldo Susan D, Catavan Eloyce, Cate Judy, Caudill Melvin H, Cavallaro Frank C, Cerkoney Anna, Cerkoney Nick, Chaboya Florence M, Chaffin Charles B, Chamberlin Larry, Chamblee Steven E, Chapman David R, Chapman Harvey, Chapman Teresa M, Charters Michael S, Chase Donn W, Chase Elizabeth R, Chase Roger K, Chewning Thomas, Child Ryan G, Chitwood Glen C, Christensen Rebecca L, Christian Helen L, Christiansen William E, Christofferson Hans, Ciotti Mario L, Citicorp/Olsen, Clafin David, Claghorn Donald J, Clancey Lydia, Clarey Thomas V, Clark Bill C, Clark Bruce H, Clark Carroll, Clark George F, Clark Linda D, Clark Stephen M, Clark Terry O, Clark Warren E, Clay J M, Clement Elizabeth A, Clester Roland M, Click Steven M, Clifford Joe, Clifton C F, Cline G D, Cloud Darwin K, Clugston Ron, Clum Kathy M, Coast To Coast, Coats Jerry S, Coats Nancy, Cobb Muriel M, Cockran Emery E, Coffee Paul S, Cohea Wayne D, Cohen J D, Coker Robert, Coldwell Bankers, Cole Alfred O, Cole Charles E, Cole Larry S, Collett John, Collins Kathy L, Collins Kenneth W, Collins Robert B, Colonial Insurance Agency, Combs Joseph P, Conklin Bernard P, Conley Ora M, Conn G E, Connolly Michael R, Connor Katherine M, Cook Deborah C, Cook Dolly D, Cook John M, Cooke Sidney Jr, Coolman Barbara A, Cooper Larry K, Cope Clyde W, Cope John R, Coplen Emma, Cordell Sam W, Cornish George, Corporon Gordon, Corteville Beth C, Costello John B, Cottel Douglas W, Cougill & Hansen Inc, Country Sunshine Gift Shp, Coupe Donald W, Coursey Larry, Couwenhoven Sam M, Cowan William R, Cowles John N, Crabb Melvin, Crabtree Lola, Craft Earl H, Crafton Melanie, Crager Lloyd R, Crandall Ronald J, Crane’s Nest, Crawford J E, Craytor Stanley W, Creighton Burt J, Creswell Livestock Assn, Crider James B, Crisp Jack L, Critzer David J, Crow Mercantile, Crowley Bob, Crumpacker John A, Crumpacker Russell, Crumroy Ruth I, Culberton George, Culberton Virgie P, Culotta Joe, Culver Mark J, Culwell Carol A, Cumbo Bess, Cumbo Leslie E, Cummings Gilbert L, Cummings Kurt A, Cummins Melva, Cummins Sherry J, Cunningham Kin A, Cunningham Patrick L, Cureton Rick G, Curry William M, Custer Wilhemina M, Cyr Joni, back to top


D D & E, Dahlin Leif E, Dailey Clifford S, Dale Jack Mjr, Dalke Construction, Dalton Henry, Daly Jay J, Dameron Joseph R, Dameron Lewis W, Damewood Ruth, Damian Raul R, Daniels Jack E, Danks Gary, Danner Ritch A, Darcey Gary V, Darcey R A, Darienzo Mark E, Darnell Gordon L, David Brent Realty, David Perry L, Davidson Keith L, Davies Archie E, Davies Lewis, Davilla Gladys G, Davis Don B, Davis Donald R, Davis Elizabeth R, Davis Georgia, Davis Kathryn, Davis Larry A, Davis Patrick, Davis Richard E, Davis Russell C, Davis W C, Davisson Harry J, Day Jack A, Deal Adah F, Deal Melvin G, Dean Gary R, Dean H R, Dean Julie L, Debiddle Harry L, Debusman James R, Decker Alvin E, Deedon Edward, Dehart Jeffery K, Delaunay Judy M, Deldin Michael, Delfs Stephen A, Delgiorgio Joseph, Delong Robert D, Denney Garold E, Depew Wallace L, Deppert Steven, Dept Of Vet Aff/F48530, Derousse William Esr, Desacia Raeleen M, Devereaux Charlene, Devorak Reynold M, Dewey Barbara D, Dexter Oaks Mobile Park, Diaz Michael L, Dillman Darcey, Dillon Del H, Dillon Ken, Dillon Tom, Diment Sondra S, Dittmer Richard A, Dmd We B, Doble Robert J, Dockery Shanon L, Dodds Sandy, Dodge Jerry L, Dodge Russell T, Dodson David L, Doe Barbara A, Dolan Jennifer, Doll Scott E, Dompier Dee X, Donnell John L, Donnelly Thomas J, Dooley Irene M, Dorigan Thomas M, Dorn Donald W, Dornath Curtis J, Dotson Harold L, Dougherty M F, Dow Keven M, Dowdy Wanda, Dower Michael D, Downey Grace M, Downing D D, Downing Julie M, Draper Barry L, Drc’s, Drew William, Drive-N-Save Market, Dudney Johnny L, Duffy Bruce J, Dulaney Rose M, Dulong Fred A, Dummich Barry, Dunagan Arnold K, Duncan Kenneth W, Dunlap Eulon E, Dunlap Ralph L, Dunn Pat, Durbin James E, Dwyer Don A, Dyer Clarence F, back to top


Earl David R, Eberle Amy M, Ecord Dorothy D, Edwards Gregory C, Edwards R R, Edwards Vernon L, Eisinger Deanna M, Eismann Walter C, Elizabethan Enterprises, Ellis Kathleen M, Embree Dennis H, Emmons Bob C, Enfield Glenda L, Engebretsen Luther, England Francis G, England Norman D, Engle Ida, Englehart Mata, Ericsson Robert J, Erwin David A, Erz Gerhard J, Esgate Mary L, Esselstyn Paul B, Evans Edward E, Evans Rodney, Everest David, Evers Gary A, Evers Harold Ajr, Every Charlie R, Evett Richard E, back to top


Faber Michael, Fain Geral D, Fair Brenda L, Falk Doreen, Far West Fed, Farley Ed V, Farley Evelynn, Farrier Violes W, Fashion Cleaners, Fashion Coiffures-Sever, Faubion Forrest F, Faunce Kasey, Febus Rex F, Ferguson Calvin H, Ferguson Daniel B, Ferguson David B, Ferguson Larry, Fern Ridge Chapter #24, Fetters Michael R, Fields Jimmie R, Filler Curtis S, Fincher Wayland, Findt James M, Finn Michael H, First Interstate Bank, First Interstate Bank 360, Fischer Henry H, Fischer Vernon D, Fish Marion, Fish Patti C, Fisher Joan L, Fisher Kenneth, Fisher Lucy A, Flanders Philip S, Fleishman Robert D, Fletcher Dennis K, Flint Jack L, Floyd Kenneth, Flynn Lillian E, Foltz Melvin W, Foote Ronald G, Formosa Susan A, Foster Alice, Foster Leonard I, Foust Tommy E, Fowler Raymond W, Francis Carl, Franklin Jennifer R, Franko Oil Co, Franks Jonelle W, Frazer William D, Frazier Robert R, Frazier Steve R, Freeman Anne, Freeman Joe W, Freeman John L, Freeman Robert W, Freilich Sandra A, French Ruth L, Frey John K, Friends Of Blue Rvr, Friley Charles D, Frisch Conny J, Frisone Jane, Fristoe Marjorie C, Fromong Leon E, Frost J R, Fry Joyce E, Fuerst James C, Fuller Ron B, Fullerton Katherine W, Fuscoe Wendy L, back to top


G W Gibby Builders, Gabriel Robert, Gagnon A R, Gajentaan Jan E, Gale Donald J, Gallagher Hazel, Gallagher Mark, Gallatin H E, Gallaway Robert G, Galusha Frank C, Gamma John C, Gammon Louise C, Ganieany Harold, Ganter M J, Gardiner George W, Gardner Charles L, Gardner Richard J, Gardner Robert E, Garguilo Sal, Garkow John, Garoutte Wilma, Gaston Paul L, Gates Teresa, Gault Sherryl L, Geisel Harry G, Gentry Thomas C, George Dorla R, George Sherry, Gerard Ronald D, Gerig John D, Gerlach Duane A, Gernhardt Ronald, Gerspach Vergie E, Gerulf Alice A, Getchell Ronald J, Ghan Margaret M, Gibbs Donna, Gibson Kathy R, Gibson Rodney W, Giffen Patricia, Gigar Albert E, Gillesse Christine A, Gillett Rodney C, Gillis Jacqueline, Gimpl Mark E, Gischler Reuben T, Glab Robert V, Glass Steven K, Glen Coulter Homes, Glover Jacqualine, Gloverohr Hilloah, Godell James, Goin Dan Rjr, Goldbek Clarence, Golden Michael S, Golly Steven C, Gomez Dan, Gonzalez Maria, Good Richard C, Goodell Lynn E, Goodling James B, Goodroad Barry L, Gorham Dorothy, Goss Rex L, Gosselin Robert T, Gough Robert, Goulart Jennifer F, Gourley Barry G, Govenor Merle G, Grable Martha S, Grable Michael L, Graham Clyde L, Graham Scott W, Grammon Arnold A, Granada Gilbert, Grant Jeffery C, Grant John Gjr, Grantham Kenneth L, Graves Essie O, Grayson Burrell P, Grayson Guy, Green Al, Green James V, Green Jason, Green Jimmie, Green Ralph S, Green Richard, Greene Dan M, Greenwalt James D, Greer Sheila A, Gregg Gary, Gregg Wilbur F, Gregory Joseph W, Gregory L A, Gresser Roy D, Griffey John L, Griffith John G, Griffith John T, Griggs Robert, Grimes Donald, Grimes Edwin M, Grimm Joseph P, Griswold Edward L, Gritters Gerrit B, Grommersch John K, Gross Alan, Gross Roger A, Groves Mark A, Groves Robert P, Gruis Les D, Guillen Roger V, Guiol Frederick, Guthrie Catherine A, Guthrie Randy A, back to top


H C L, Haan Dale E, Haas Dillard A, Haggard Carolyn A, Haggard Sheryl D, Haggin Anthony G, Hagstrom Janette E, Hahn Carl M, Hahn Jolene C, Haight Bruce E, Halberg William E, Halbrook Judy A, Haley Karen R, Hall Audi, Hall Dale C, Hall Julian, Hall Sandra L, Hall Stephen, Hall Wanda L, Halleman Robert W, Hallmark Almon L, Halloran Mary E, Hall’s Motel, Hallstrom A B, Hamilton John A, Hammond Wallace J, Hamner Kristi A, Hampton James E, Hance William J, Hancock Gary, Hand Carol, Handsaker Carol J, Hanley Wayne L, Hannan Carol A, Hansen Mary A, Hanson Leon, Hanstad Ivan J, Hardenbrook Troy, Harding Donald E, Hardman Alice E, Hardman Walter W, Hardy L N, Harper F K, Harper Reva, Harper Ted S, Harr Kirk A, Harris Craig, Harris Jerry D, Harris Joan L, Harris Lawrence R, Harris Shanna L, Harris William H, Harrison Georgia M, Hart Frank I, Hart’s International, Hartzll Janet A, Harvey Charlie L, Harvey Randy, Harvey Rodney D, Haskell Rodney W, Hass Harvey S, Hass Tommy A, Hasselman Herbert, Hausler Joseph, Haussler Dennis W, Hawkins Ardis D, Hawkins Charles W, Hawkins Michael, Hawn Richard J, Hawthorne Farms, Hayes Laura, Hayes Roger F, Hayes Roger V, Hayward Thomas, Haze Lowell A, Hearty Morris D, Heck James B, Heid James L, Heimert Linda V, Helbling James W, Hellebuyck Mary J, Heller Keith R, Helvington Cedric C, Hemenway Farms, Hemenway Realtors, Hemmelle Tony B, Henderer Curtis N, Henderson Laurie J, Hendrickson Judith M, Henley Wiley M, Henry Donna, Henry Dorthy A, Henry Howard, Herrick Avery P, Herring Kevin D, Hershfelt Kenneth, Hess Thelma E, Hewes Theres, Hickey Karen L, Hicks Alan J, Hicks Charles Esr, Hicks David H, Hicks Doyle L, Hicks Jerry, Hicks Mary A, Hicks Mary H, High Prairie Log Bldrs Inc, Hill M L, Hill Mike L, Hill Raymond E, Hill Sunny, Hill William R, Hiller William D, Hills Creek Sporting Good, Hills Robert Gsr, Hindle Gage K, Hinds Rodney A, Hisey Robin R, Hodgin Clayton R, Hoff Alan H, Hoff Daniel W, Hoffman Robert B, Hofmann William J, Hogan Elizabeth A, Hogan Karla J, Hoglan Christine E, Hohberg Henry P, Hohimer Gregory, Holiday John D, Holland Clifford L, Holland Douglas, Holland Jonathan C, Holland Robin L, Hollandsworth James, Holliday G M, Hollingsworth Candyce, Hollister Anna S, Holly Douglas, Holmes B S, Holst Shane J, Homa Kathleen, Home Federal Savings, Homestead Development, Hommel B I, Hondrum Don, Hooge Kenneth L, Hooker John R, Hoover Edward A, Hopkins Joyce, Hornbuckle Samuel L, Horner Amy E, Horter Patricia B, Horton Phil, Horton Susan J, Hostick Joy, Hotchkiss Nona L, Howard David L, Howard Dennis R, Howard Harry M, Howard K W, Howard Linda, Howard Loretta, Howe Randy D, Howery Janice S, Hubbard David A, Hubbard Leonard, Huber Ralph J, Hudson Bob L, Huffman George E, Hughes H M, Hughes Linda, Hughet Elsie, Hugill John C, Hull Daniel A, Hull Darrell D, Hull Lurlean G, Hummel Peter, Humphrey Nancy C, Humphreys Keith O, Hunt Gary A, Hunt Melvin H, Hunt Richard T, Hunter Charles J, Huntley Henry M, Hurlburt Esther L, Hurt Gloria, Huston Gene C, Hutchens Ralph C, Hyatt Neale, back to top


I C Natural Foods, Imbach Arnold J, Immonen Fred W, Impecoven Grant, Income Prop Mgmt, Independent Body Sales, Inga Marco A, Ingram Jim, Isley John W, Ivanov Demetrio, Ivers Harold, Iverson Vernon T, back to top


Jackson Bob, Jackson Charles E, Jackson Clarence E, Jackson Janice P, Jackson Pascal, Jackson Sherry L, Jacobsen Ernest, Jacobson Kenneth A, Jacobson Larry V, Jager Mary A, Jahola Kelton K, James Teresa A, Jamison Wilma M, Janz Ben J, Jay Dee Cabinetry, Jefferies John M, Jeffers Albert E, Jeffers Belden L, Jeffers Harry D, Jenkins Cecil C, Jenkins Jack J, Jennings Dan L, Jennings Kenneth W, Jenrette John, Jensen Chris S, Jensen Lillian J, Jensen Roy A, Jepsen R K, Jessup Katie, Jewell William K, Jim Hall Contracting, Jlt Investments, Johanson Kristen R, John Anderson’s Market, Johnson Alene M, Johnson Alvin L, Johnson Bob H, Johnson Constance E, Johnson Dolores A, Johnson Donald N, Johnson Flora, Johnson Frances J, Johnson Harold P, Johnson John L, Johnson John W, Johnson Mitchell D, Johnson Norma G, Johnson Rebecca G, Johnson Robert, Johnson Robert L, Johnson Sandra L, Johnson Wade C, Johnson Wayne E, Johnson Wayne K, Johnson William, Johnston Craig, Johnston Darcy M, Johnston Dillie S, Johnston Rodney D, Jones Clayton, Jones Daniel L, Jones Darlene M, Jones Gary D, Jones James A, Jones James D, Jones Jeff, Jones Lana, Jones Leon J, Jones Nancy M, Jones Naomi, Jones Shara M, Jones Shelley M, Jones Stephen D, Jones Thomas Fjr, Jordan Douglas R, Jordan Richard S, Jphnson Clyde R, Jurich Roy N, Just Plain Jane’s, back to top


Kahl Kevin, Kain Margaret, Kakstys Robert M, Kane Patricia J, Kaplan Rand S, Karlsen Karl E, Karnowsky Richard, Kasper Lana C, Kasper Virgil L, Kayser Steven, Kearns Daniel L, Kednay Floyd O, Keefer Lori A, Keeney Jack D, Keever William, Keller Monty C, Kelley Cathy, Kelley Larry D, Kelly Timothy C, Kelly William B, Kelsey Craig A, Kelton Edward J, Kemp Barry J, Kemp Tara, Kendall Michael, Kenison Gaylon, Kennedy Douglas F, Kennedy Ralph C, Kennedy Rhonda, Kent Lisa J, Kephart Glen, Kephart Vincent L, Kepner Shirley A, Kerr T L, Kerzman Frances, Ketcham Chris R, Kids & Kin Head Start, Killian Jerry L, Killingbeck Lori L, Kincaid Frank, King James, King Jasper L, King Sherrill, King Ted, Kinley Cheryl E, Kinna Cynthia T, Kintz Arthur H, Kintzley Sherry A, Kiplinger Laverne, Kirby David N, Kirk Ben, Kirkland Eunice M, Kisby Lois J, Kissler Spencer R, Kitchen Gerald R, Klaffke Ben, Klingler Rueben D, Klug Erwin, Knaggs Larrie, Knauff Christina A, Knepper Ellen M, Knight Judy E, Knight Sybil, Knight Terry L, Knight William O, Knutson Richard, Knutson Ted H, Koeneman John K, Koepke Jerry H, Kominek Ruth, Kondak Daniel A, Kopczenski Stanley, Korth Cheryl, Kotrc Lorayne, Kozel Stephen J, Krause Richard M, Krogman Charles T, Krohnke Everett, Krueger Eric J, Kuehn Vern W, Kuhn Michael L, Kuhr Billie, back to top


Laabs Leonard E, Laduke Robert K, Lafave Richard T, Laforteza Luis S, Laharty Scharry M, Lake Jeffrey, Lalonde Marie Y, Lamb Doris V, Lambert Stephen, Lamm Gary W, Lander Kenneth M, Landers Mary E, Lane Co Cablevision, Lane Kevin H, Lane Robert D, Lang Bob J, Lang Peggy, Lanham David A, Larmer Anne F, Larson John K, Lash Sarah, Lashier Donald R, Lashmett Terry, Latham Robert A, Laufer Derral, Launius Dane A, Laurence-David Inc, Lawler Timothy, Lawrence Gary W, Lawrence James R, Lawrence S A, Lawson James D, Lawson Winnifred, Layer Margaret, Lazy Days Mobile Park, Leathers Evelyn, Leavitt John H, Ledbetter James R, Lederer Ron T, Ledford Teresa, Lee Kelly, Lee Paul R, Leeman David P, Leighton Cherri A, Leitner Mark D, Lemmon Michael P, Lemons Billy L, Lemons Mary K, Leslie Barry N, Leslie Bernice A, Levesque J R, Lewin David M, Lewis B G, Lewis Gary L, Lewis Guy E, Lewis Jack T, Lewis Kelly, Lewis Leland K, Lewis M M, Lewis Paul E, Libby Jeffrey W, Lichens James W, Liles G K, Lilley David, Linch Rochell K, Lincoln Robert W, Lincoln Saw Shop, Lincoln William L, Lindsay James M, Lindsay Patricia E, Lindstrom Allen H, Lippert Cindy K, Litman Myra, Little Donald C, Littlefield John F, Lively A G, Lloyd Curtis A, Lloyd John W, Locklear Gloria J, Lodico Mark R, Loftis Alvin N, Loncarevic Petar, Long Virginia L, Long William, Lopez Antonio, Lopez Joe H, Lorane Entrprises, Lorenz Randall G, Losey Michael C, Love Allan W, Love Harry J, Love William A, Lovell Lorraine, Lovett Homer, Lovette Sherrie, Lowell Marina, Luark Margaret M, Luchs Stephanie, Lucker Stanley W, Luhn William M, Lukens Lawrence, Lumbreras Bardomiano, Lunceford Deanna M, Lundberg Brad A, Lusk Jessica, Luther Raymond J, Lutje Nancy E, Lutomski Richard, Luttrell Robert J, Lyford Lawrence E, Lyles Robert L, Lynchild Nancy J, Lyons Kevin W, back to top


Ma Soule S, Macauley Phyllis A, Macklin Jeff P, Maclennan Roberta, Macneill Joni J, Maddox Sherry L, Mahler Joseph, Major Clyde, Maldonado Mary, Maldonado Richard, Malicki Jim R, Malmquist Wes E, Malone Alan J, Manley Harold W, Mann Donald, Mann Sandra L, Mann Tammy S, Mapes Marie B, Marion Richard D, Markholt Linda A, Marley John Hjr, Marlow George L, Marone Julie L, Marsh Lonnie, Marshall Dolan L, Marshall Elmer A, Marshall Ralph E, Martell Christina, Martilla Laurie J, Martilla Michael S, Martin Albert S, Martin Carl D, Martin Cecilia A, Martin Charles A, Martin Greg A, Martin Leslie J, Martin Lester W, Martin Randall J, Martin Rhodena, Martin Richard F, Martines Joe C, Martinez Jerry, Martinez Pamela, Martinson Ladd, Martz Sharon K, Marwood Dale E, Marx Douglas D, Marxer Andrea B, Masabki Charlene, Mason Lewis L, Mason R Ssr, Mason Richard Jr, Masse Annette, Massey Sandra K, Massicotte Philip E, Masters Geoff, Mathers Glenn S, Mathews Robin L, Mathieson Gloria L, Matthew Jack L, Matthews Kenneth W, Mauceri Angelo P, Mauro Robin, Maxson Leslie, Mayer Gary S, Mayfield Leroy, Mazur Leo A, Mazurek Michael, Mcadoo Phyllis F, Mcalexander James E, Mcalister Elizabeth, Mccann Patrick F, Mccann Ray B, Mccarrick William J, Mccarroll Darwin, Mccarthy Laura L, Mccarty Keith W, Mccauley Patrick D, Mcchesnie Gary, Mcclain Steven J, Mcclanahan David B, Mcclelland Mike G, Mcclintock Harry E, Mcclung William, Mccollum Pearl G, Mccormack Terrance J, Mccormick Jessie H, Mccormick Lawrence S, Mccormick Rose A, Mccoul Shannon J, Mccoy John H, Mccray Milton, Mccullough Michael, Mccurdy Keith, Mccurry Aubrey E, Mcdaniel Gene W, Mcdaniel Nancy, Mcdermott Terance J, Mcdonald James F, Mcdow James, Mcelhaney J B, Mcfarland Harvey J, Mcgahan Patricia F, Mcgee Jessie E, Mcgowan Richard S, Mcgrady Gene E, Mcguire Margaret E, Mcintire Mitchel L, Mcintosh V M, Mckenzie Gateway, Mckenzie Michael D, Mckenzie River Tv, Mckenzie Woodmasters, Mckernan Ralph, Mckinney David W, Mcleod Charles, Mcmahon James L, Mcmanus Donna N, Mcnair Lois A, Mcnally Brad, Mcneil Michael C, Mcneill John F, Mcneill Lela D, Mcneill Robert, Meadows Derrick, Mehan Bob A, Mejia Michael J, Melheim William B, Melner Samuel, Melton Victor M, Mercer Kendrick M, Merlino Richard, Merz Trudi M, Meston Karen M, Metcalf Anthony L, Meyer Merle E, Meyer Thom, Meyers Carl A, Meyers Kathleen K, Meyers Lester F, Meyers Lyndelle, Meza Rafael, Michael David L, Michael Ronald W, Michner C L, Middleton Rick W, Mileto Julie M, Miller Anna L, Miller Debra L, Miller Dennis W, Miller Frank J, Miller Fred W, Miller H P, Miller Jacob D, Miller Jeffrey A, Miller Juanita A, Miller Thomas G, Miller Wallace E, Millheisler Robert L, Milligan Donald D, Milliman Roger C, Miner Raymond, Minyard Beverly, Mitchell Alexander, Mitchell Beauford, Mitchell Orvil E, Mitchell Sara L, Mittan Walter T, Mock Steven D, Moffitt Phillip G, Molatore Bonnie, Molloy George Sr, Monge Peggy D, Monroe Brenda A, Montgomery Carmen, Montgomery Charlene, Montgomery Craig D, Montgomery Don J, Montgomery Judy, Montgomery Stanley, Moody William F, Moon Michael V, Moore Kathleen A, Moore Robert A, Moore Stephen H, Moores Philip A, Moran Clifford W, Morgan Omer L, Morgenthaler Wayne, Morison Scott A, Morison-Falkowskijuli, Morrill Julie C, Morrison Don R, Morrisseau Robert, Morse Clinton, Mosher Bill L, Moshofsky Arthur R, Mountain B L, Mulholland Edward W, Mull Dean, Muller Donald E, Muller Edwin D, Mullican Sandy K, Mundy Robert, Munson Brian N, Murock Jo, Murphy Dorothy M, Murphy Randy A, Murranka Viola, Murray Dextr L, Murray Kathryn L, Murray Rollin D, Murta Donna F, Muscutt Gordon D, Mutual Of Omaha, Myers Michael J, Myers Ronald D, Myers Thomas L, Myton Stephen J, back to top


Nagel William P, Napper Dan B, Napper John, Naranjo Trini J, Narver William D, Natl Advertising Co, Neal Cobie R, Neely John R, Neet Jan L, Neller Matilda J, Nelson Cindy K, Nelson David, Nelson Edith M, Nelson Gordon L, Nelson Richard L, Nelson Robert J, Nelson Thomas, Nelson Walter R, Nesmith Fuels Inc, Nesmith Wally, Nettle Carolyn, Neumann Harold C, New Life Youth Camp Inc, Newcomb Don, Newman Virginia E, Newnham Blaine, Newton Kasey C, Nichols Roy, Nichols Teresa A, Nickel John H, Nighswonger Ivan W, Nikazy Charles, Noble Charles Hjr, Noble Wire & Terminal Crp, Nordby Richard, Norris Raymond F, Northey Stephen R, Northwest Access, Norton Barry C, Norton Cathy, Nutter Beverly G, Nutter Milan, back to top


Oakridge Arco, Oakridge Lodge #246, Oakridge Medical Clinic, Oakridge Realty, Oakridge-Westfir Jaycees, Oberlink Douglas, Obrien Joe A, Obrien Pamela J, Obrien Robert E, Oconnor Terence, Ohaven Jane, Ohlson Dodie M, Oldham Gary W, Oleson Carrie R, Oliver & Soults, Oliver Guy M, Ollman Charlotte A, Olson Dale W, Olson Ernest Ejr, Omlid Ojay, Oregon State Hwy Div, Orosco Daniel L, Orr Robert L, Osborne Edwin D, Osborne Leon J, Osterman William, Ostrowski Anthony J, Osuna Kenneth J, Ough Wayne J, Outcalt Jacquelyn M, Overholser Kenneth C, Overstreet Cedric L, Owens Nathan J, Owings Ben, Oxley Hollis R, Oxley Jim B, Ozanne Peter, Ozbun Debbie, back to top


Paetz Gary D, Pahle David A, Pahle Pauline, Painter Larry G, Painter Robert, Paisley George Ejr, Palmbaum Bruce, Palmer Dan M, Papich Peter A, Pappas Mindy H, Parker Dee, Parker James, Parker L E, Parker Linda E, Parmer Annette, Parrott Ted, Parsons Bobette C, Pasko Richard E, Patrick Robert L, Pattee Alice L, Patterson Robert, Patterson S F, Patterson Steven E, Pattle Bar D, Patton John L, Patton M J, Patty Lumber Co, Paudios Michael A, Paul John R, Paulk David, Paulson Kathleen W, Pavlic Charles J, Payne Samuel D, Peaceful Valley Farm, Peak Michael, Pearl Robert R, Pearsall Albert J, Pearsall Phyllis F, Pearson James, Pearson Jeffry D, Pearson Robert L, Pearson Ron R, Peel Les, Pelley John R, Pellow Pat, Pen Michael G, Penn Irene E, Pepion Debra, Pepiot Amie, Pepiot L F, Pepper Marvin, Percy Peter L, Perdue Nora A, Pereyra Gregorio P, Perez Wilma N, Perin Warren W, Perkins John E, Perry Doria G, Perry Jack R, Perry Paul, Pershall Virginia, Peters Edward E, Peters John D, Petersen Arthur L, Petersen Gary J, Peterson Johnnie O, Peterson Kenner C, Petes Kenneth L, Petrie Leonard L, Pettitt Charles, Petzold Joyce, Pfaff Robert A, Phillippe Ardis A, Phillips Brian K, Phillips Jeffrey L, Phillips Lavada, Phillips Loyd, Phipps John E, Piazza Joseph, Pickett John, Pidcock Thomas H, Pierce Kerry B, Pierce Leslie H, Pierce Randall R, Pierce Richard L, Pierce Thomas G, Pifer L B, Pifers Bakery, Pike Gary, Pike Tony F, Piske Daniel L, Pliss Gertrude C, Plouff Linda E, Plourd Patricia M, Plowman Elizabeth A, Plueard Michael, Plummer David J, Poeschl Tom, Pokorny Francis D, Polson Kristin A, Pomeroy Robert S, Popovich Karen T, Porter David L, Porter James W, Porter Joann F, Poteet Buddy, Potratz Elizabeth, Potter Thomas, Potts Janis, Prechtel Jeffery N, Prest Rod L, Preston David A, Preston Sue, Price Jeanette S, Price Lynn, Price Royal D, Progressive Fin Corp, Promen Eva, Provance Lee W, Pruett Craig, Puckett Gwenellen, Pugh Donald L, Pulone Joe, Purvis Melvin E, Putnam Bill E, Putnam Lemuel C, Putney Lynn, Pyle Sharon S, Pyles Jamie F, back to top


Quick David A, Quiling Jack, Quinteros Phillip M, Quiroz Ted, back to top


R K Adams Inc, R Realty Co, Rackleff Kathleen, Radakowski Carl, Radcliffe Sharron, Rader Marilyn K, Radich Jack M, Radway Paul W, Ralston Richard, Ramey David A, Ramey Edith, Ramos Mary, Ramos Rudolpho R, Ramse Wayne A, Ramsey L D, Ranch House Motel, Rancier Daniel R, Randall Jack S, Rands Esther M, Ranier Fin Svc/Ipm, Rankin Gerald, Rankin Penny E, Rankin William F, Ranney Robert T, Rapp Valerie A, Rasco Ted M, Rasmussen Diann M, Rasmussen Ray R, Rasmusson S C, Rastellini Wayne, Rawson Randy D, Ray Randall L, Ream Randall J, Reams Lois E, Rebmen Wayne E, Redden Roscoe R, Redding Michael, Reed Donald W, Reed Kelly F, Reesman Chris K, Reich Donald M, Reid James E, Reiman Burton, Reitenbaugh C H, Reiter Steve E, Renfro Shirley A, Renfrow Bonnie, Renner Patricia A, Reynolds Carl N, Reynolds Lydia, Reynolds R Carl, Reynolds Steve H, Reynolds William, Rezac Karl, Rhea Kari L, Rhea Roxanne, Rhodes Terri L, Rhule David W, Rice Brenda L, Rice Kenneth A, Rice Marie E, Rice Ray R, Rich Craig, Rich Stan, Richard Goodling Distribution, Richards Anita, Richards Eunita O, Richter James E, Rickels N L, Ridgeview Motel, Rinaldi Julia M, Rippy Jeff, Risseeuw Maria M, River Doc’s, Riverside Court/R Hudgins, Roach Becki L, Robare Lanae, Roberson Charles, Roberts Calvin L, Roberts James H, Roberts Kathleen P, Roberts Kenneth E, Roberts Ron C, Roberts Sanitation, Roberts Virgil, Robertson Ellen, Robins Harry W, Robins Jimmy, Robinson Essie, Robinson Joe R, Robinson Victor L, Robison M D, Robison Terry R, Rochambeau Charles G, Rockey Sherrie E, Rockney Mark G, Rodgers James B, Rodgers Paddy G, Rodriquez Richard D, Rogers Bonnie Y, Rogers Karolyn K, Rogers Melvin O, Rogers Raymond G, Rogers Richard N, Rojas Everett R, Roland Douglas E, Rollings Paulette R, Rollins Bette J, Romania Steve J, Rondeau Thomas, Ronnau John B, Root Donald L, Roozen John K, Rosage Robert A, Rose Dan, Rose Joe L, Rosean Robert, Roseman Philip M, Rosen Lawrence, Ross Brothers Const, Ross Duane E, Ross James P, Ross Jane R, Ross Loren D, Rossman Lloyd J, Roth William M, Rothauge Francis T, Rowbotham Jack E, Rowlett Goldie M, Rudgear Babara, Rudgear Drew, Ruffulo Virginia, Ruggiero Deborah A, Ruhland Elliott R, Ruiz George, Rumore Peter Jr, Runyon J P, Rupp Gary L, Rushforth Jan, Russell James L, Russell Thomas B, Russell Trevor, Ruth Ann, Rutherford Ola, Rutherford Wayne T, Ruud Mitchell P, Ryan Carol J, Rynearson Stephen R, Rynerson Mary M, back to top


S & H Mobile Home Service, Sabata Reynold L, Salaets David, Salarano Gina M, Salmon Creek Trailer Vila, Salmon Elmer L, Sandberg Clifford A, Sandberg Muriel C, Sander Vera C, Sanders Delmar L, Sanders Elizabeth S, Sanders James T, Sanders Richard, Sanderson Sandra D, Sands Kathy, Sargent James L, Sassaman Margaret M, Saucier Peggy, Sauter Tom, Save A Way Market, Savelich John E, Sayler Angie, Sayre Robert L, Scates Elva, Schacher Darrell J, Schader Robert M, Schaefer John E, Schafer David M, Schafer Harvey A, Schartz Guy, Schickling Charles W, Schlegel Diana G, Schloeder Elise, Schloss Elaine L, Schmidt Fred, Schneider Christopher R, Schneider Linda D, Schneider Peter R, Schoonover Charles E, Schosker Diane, Schossow Gordon, Schrader Ralph H, Schrieber-Smith Susan, Schroeder Erich J, Schroeder Lena I, Schuenemann Leroy, Schuetze Duane R, Schwartz Ruth E, Schwebke Mark, Scofield Lester W, Scofield Wendy M, Scoglio Frank V, Scott John A, Scott Richard W, Scrivner Gaylon L, Scroggins Howard L, Seale Bob L, Searcy Nolan L, Searles William K, Seaton Luella B, Seckler Virginia, Second Time For Us, Seibold Brett L, Selby Frederic E, Sells Loretta L, Semrad Daniel G, Sequoia Investments, Sergeant James R, Sermak Phoebe J, Seubert Laura L, Severson Roger M, Sewell Carolyn V, Sexton Curtis P, Shafer Theodore G, Shankle Mike M, Shanks Caren K, Shannon Danielle M, Sharp Patricia S, Sharpy Virginia M, Shaw Bill, Shaw Bruce W, Shaw Richard, Shawe Victor T, Shea James D, Shear Greenhouse, Shear Thomas W, Sheasley Lulu C, Sheets John E, Sheldon Gary K, Shellabarger Chris, Shelley L E, Sherrill Timothy P, Sherwood Barbara, Sheythe Keith E, Shields Adella T, Shields William T, Shirley David E, Shirtliff Gary M, Shively Donald D, Shope John, Shreeve Lynn, Shubert Michael A, Shuler John A, Shultz Robert D, Shuman Frank M, Shumate Teresa A, Shunn Construction Co, Shuster Raymond V, Sibert Harold A, Siewell Barbara, Siewert Glen, Sigritz Gary L, Silence Thomas, Siller Robert A, Silva Gloria, Silva Greg J, Simmons Vesta, Simonton Steven A, Simpson Albert, Simpson Michael R, Simpson William E, Simrim Kirk A, Singer Muriel, Singleton Virgil E, Siniscal Vicki M, Sinsel Geraldine, Sirota Richard T, Sisikin Michael, Sittser Adrian D, Sizemore Cairl F, Skaggs & Assoc, Skeens Wibby, Skinner Craig E, Skipworth Cathy, Skolask Dianna M, Slaseman Gregory H, Slasor Tom, Sletten Mark J, Sloan Jeanne, Slocum Cy, Sluss Larry A, Small Robert, Smart Juanita G, Smee William A, Smigley Cynthia L, Smiley Pam J, Smith Becki L, Smith Daniel F, Smith David C, Smith Deanna M, Smith Diana M, Smith Donna T, Smith Frank E, Smith Fred A, Smith Gerald E, Smith Johnnie C, Smith Joseph H, Smith Ken D, Smith L H, Smith Leonard A, Smith Mark D, Smith Mark E, Smith Miller A, Smith Nancy C, Smith R L, Smith Randy, Smith Richard L, Smith Robert L, Smith Rodney, Smyl John, Smyth Dennis W, Snauer Keith D, Snell Steve R, Snellstrom Marilyn, Snow Tim A, Snyder W F, Sogge Elizabeth, Sokol Michelle F, Sokol William R, Solesbee Curt M, Soloman Sandra, Solomon Gene, Solomon Jeri, Solonche Robert D, Soltes Harley M, Somerville Clint H, Somps George E, Sorensen Edward, South Jerry R, Southward Sidney, Southworth Susie A, Souza Kris E, Sovay Joseph A, Sower Darrell L, Spees Steven K, Spence Joyce T, Spilker Wilbur W, Sprague David, Sprague John, Spratlen Ronald S, Sprecher Matthew K, Springer Carl C, Springs Of Life Ministristry, Spry Kenneth C, Spurgeon Charles C, Spurgeon Douglas E, Stachowiak Daniel W, Stadler Donald J, Stafford E A, Stafford Paula L, Stallings Carl R, Stallsmith Pearl, Stampfli Rob M, Standley Athia, Stanger Venderleen, Stannard David, Stanton Thalia, Stapleton Debra K, Star Kalinda R, Stare Andrew, Stark Lloyd S, Starr Jeremy A, Statham Allison M, Steele Mary A, Stein Joshua M, Stelle Lillian A, Stephens Tim, Stephens William T, Stepp Jim, Sterett Lois, Stern Indra J, Stetson Eric H, Steury Anthony W, Stevely Charles R, Stevenson Edward E, Stevenson Ken L, Stevenson Max, Stewart Clifford, Stewart Dorothy F, Stewart Dorothy M, Stewart Henderson, Stewart Susan J, Stgermaine Suzanne, Stiefbold Carl A, Stimac Terry, Stitt Loren K, Stock Sherrie L, Stockdale Wayne D, Stockler Mary J, Stockton Garry B, Stockton Vicki L, Stoddard Amanda J, Stokes John K, Stoll Alfred P, Stoll John W, Stollar Lee R, Stolp Everett E, Stone Floyd, Stone Kay D, Stone Tanya, Storm Dale, Storm Rex D, Stout Allen, Stout Robert, Stratton Lisa R, Straw Kenneth L, Streeter Harley D, Strom Daniel K, Stromberg Jimmy, Stroup B J, Stroup Reggie C, Strzelecki Stan, Stubblefield Richard, Stuck Donald L, Studer Thomas M, Sturgill Doug, Sturgill Judy M, Sturgis Eugene O, Suiter Kathleen A, Sullivan Thomas A, Summers’ Coin Laundromat, Summers Vernon E, Summers William L, Summit Water District, Sun Oak Properties, Sundsboe Patricia, Supplies Unlimited, Sutherland Jerry, Suttle Jim, Sutton Elsie L, Swanger Irvin L, Swanson Rarold, Swearingen Clinton, Swearingen Loyce E, Swenson David H, Swenson Harold G, Sy Tony W, Sylvia Ronald L, Szczygiel Francis T, back to top


Taber Steven C, Tanner Jason, Tarr John L, Tarver William F, Tate Diane L, Tate Gordon, Taylor Eugene J, Taylor Fred M, Taylor Gerald R, Taylor Leilani C, Taylor Raymond O, Taylor Robert, Taylor Suzanne, Teeple Gretchen, Templeman Gordon, Templeton Larry M, Terral Clifford, Terwillegar, Tetzlaff Thomas E, Thatcher Lula, The Ben Frank Fed #1381, The Thomas A. Jerow Admin Trust, Theirl William P, Thenell Janice C, Theriault Alan S, Theriault Arthur H, Thiess Edwin E, Thietje Rudolph N, Thinnes Bill L, Thom Arthur, Thomas Cecile, Thomas Harry H, Thomas John H, Thomas John J, Thomas Vern, Thompson Brenda T, Thompson Carlton, Thompson Daniel L, Thompson Gerald L, Thompson Jerry, Thompson M D, Thompson Ricky, Thompson Robert E, Thoms Martin B, Thomson Charles R, Thornburg James M, Thorne Lewis C, Thornton Ben L, Thornton Thomas L, Thorp Dan M, Thorpe Cheryl A, Thrasher Jack J, Thurlow Stephen J, Tidd Louis R, Tieman Patricia A, Tierney Don R, Tietz J B, Tinker Billie R, Tinnell Patrick B, Tipler Roger J, Tippett Greg C, Tipps Roxanne, Tirrill Donald H, Titherington Maude I, Titus Jerome, Titus Lillian T, Todd Howard D, Todd Lillian G, Tolbert Angelia, Tolbert Garland, Tomlin Betty J, Tonkovich Diane, Tonsgard Elizabeth L, Toomey Toni D, Toothaker Larry E, Torres Irene, Toweill Dale E, Townsend Richard S, Townswne Margo B, Tracer Susan, Trencher Equipment Co, Trenholm Jacqueline S, Trent Meryllene, Triple L Prod Inc, Tripp Cindy D, Trostle Connie S, Troute Perri D, Troxell M W, Truelove D R, Tryon Debbie L, Tucker Larry V, Tucker Mark, Tunis Harriet B, Tuntland Ellen A, Turk Lee H, Turkington John, Turner Joe, Turner Joe R, Turner Robert, Turvey Clifford, Tye Ethel, back to top


U S Credit Corp, Uhlhorn William Jr, Ulick Cynthia, Umbenhower Robert D, Underwood Rodney W, United Telephone, back to top


Vakili Reza, Valley River Realty, Vance Milicent, Vanderheyden Jon, Vanderhoof Floyd M, Vandermeer Arianne, Vanderpool Claudia, Vanderpool Mark, Vanderwaal Nicholas, Vandevender Duane N, Vandorn Jerome W, Vanetten Annette, Vanevery Brad D, Vanhouten Steven R, Vankampen Ivan L, Vankirk John, Vanwagoner Kenneth L, Varney Clay, Vaughn Bart, Vaughn Betty J, Vaughn Douglas E, Vaughn Laura W, Vaughn Robert, Vaughn Walter T, Vessey Brian A, Vinson Curtis J, Vintinner Tony W, Violette Judy F, Vlad Danny, Vlad Martha M, Vogel Margaret T, Vomund Martin G, Voorhies Ray V, Vorobik Linda A, Vowels Robert W, Voyles Juanita V, back to top


Waddle W A, Wade Delmar D, Waffle David R, Waggoner F E, Wagoner Frank S, Wait Lou, Waits Wilma, Walker David M, Walker Merle J, Walker Steve F, Wall Carla M, Wall William K, Wallace Dennis J, Wallace Joe E, Wallace Robert W, Wallerstedt Glenn A, Wallewein Norman C, Wally’s Union Station, Walorny Lawrence, Walsh Dan, Walsh Gertrude, Walter Clark M, Walter Tom P, Walters Clebourn, Walters Donna, Walther H E, Wandell Gilbert, Ward Jesse F, Ward Marcus K, Warde Stanley P, Waring Jim S, Warren Scott, Warren Susan M, Warren Virginia M, Watkins Rodd L, Watson Keith A, Watson Lynn E, Watts Jerry, Waxler Bruce, Weaver Delbert L, Webb Marty, Webber Judd, Weber A O, Weber Louella M, Weber Wayne D, Weddell Pamela, Weddle Geneva M, Weidemier Robert W, Weightman Don F, Weiler Peter E, Weimer Cheryl, Weingarten Helane, Welch Jeffrey J, Welch Joe, Weldon Dennis, Wellington Stephen, Wells Carl H, Wells Cynthia, Wells Eric, Wells Lohman D, Wells Rosey L, Welsh Kim, Weltch Michael D, Wendling Jack T, Wendt Michael, Wenk Thomas J, Wenrick Rocky L, Werth Eugene L, Wesley Bryan K, West 11Th Bldg. & Materia, West 11Th Rentals, West Powell D, Westberry Anne, Westlake Russell O, Westoak Aviation, Westoak Federal Cu, Westridge Plywood Co, Wetter Laurie L, Weyant Gary L, Wheeler Beverly J, Wheeler Bradley T, Wheeler Scott V, Wheeler Steven L, Wheeler Tom, White Betty J, White Clifford T, White Donald, White Gary R, White Harold R, White Kathy, White Michael S, White Robert L, Whitlatch Douglas, Whitmeyer Gary L, Whitted Alan J, Whygles Iva D, Wickham Gordon, Wickman Dena I, Wickwird Tracy, Wickwire Gerald L, Widmer Ernie C, Wiechec George D, Wiemholt Gail, Wiemholt Richard R, Wight Earl C, Wilcox Helen, Wilcox Kathy S, Wilcox Martha L, Wilcox Scott, Wiley David, Wiley Edris I, Wiley James W, Wiley Mary A, Wilks Carl, Willamette Savings, Willey Ray, Williams Bill M, Williams Burley E, Williams Carl F, Williams Chester T, Williams David, Williams Deborah, Williams Howard E, Williams J H, Williams James D, Williams John E, Williams Kathryn, Williams Lula M, Williams Stephen M, Willian Dennis D, Willis Gene C, Willis James W, Willits Darrell, Willits Neil D, Willoughby Joe D, Wilson Becky L, Wilson Edwin L, Wilson Edwin R, Wilson F D, Wilson Greg, Wilson H P, Wilson Harold A, Wilson Helen J, Wilson Jay A, Wilson Jo A, Wilson John Hjr, Wilson Jon A, Wilson Katherine, Wilson Lloyd A, Wilson Marilyn I, Wilson Robert Wjr, Wilson Thomas W, Wilson Todd R, Wilson Tony A, Wilson Tracy D, Wilson Wayne L, Wilverding John A, Wimmer Elbert C, Winebarger Charles D, Wingfield Richard O, Winslow Donald D, Winslow Linda S, Winsor Judith A, Winston Michael, Wise Kevin S, Wiskow Eugene K, Witbeck Kenneth L, Wlodarsky Clara M, Wobbe Lenard D, Wolf Millicent Y, Wood Daniel N, Wood Roy, Woodley Viola B, Woods Charles R, Woods James M, Woods Kenneth G, Woods Neil L, Woody Roberta G, Woody Viola, Woolard Chet, Wooley Chris, Woollard Thomas S, Woolley Stephen A, Woolman David A, Worley Timothy C, Woychak Cheryl A, Wright Charles Jr, Wright Charles S, Wright Christopher, Wright Rowena U, Wright Viola, Wright William E, Wwright William, Wynia Clifford, Wynia Marjorie I, back to top


Yakerson Geraldine L, Yanez Ricardo A, Yarber Rose M, Yby Corporation, Yeager C W, Yeaky William, Yearout Peter H, Yokum Bruce W, York Michael O, Young Alan G, Young Bonnie L, Young Kathleen, Young Kenneth, Young Steve L, Youtsey Marsha L, back to top


Zielinski Kathy A, Ziert Michael J, Zimmer Marilyn K, Zimmerman Evelyn, Zink Howard, Zoll Mark R, Zunke Jack back to top