Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Typical Trench

  1. Before digging call for Underground locates: 800-332-2344 or 811 at least 48 hours prior to digging.
  2. All Trenches must be a minimum of 36” deep.
  3. If a 36” depth cannot be achieved, contact Lane Electric’s Engineering Department
  4. If trench is to be a joint trench (shared with other utilities) the following separations must be maintained:
    1. 24” between gas and electric lines
    2. 12” between water and electric lines
    3. 24” between sewer and electric lines
    4. 12” between communications and electric lines
  5. If trench is to be power only, the ditch needs be wide enough to accommodate the conduit, i.e. a 4” ditch-witch trench is sufficient.
  6. If the trench is dug through rough, rocky terrain, the conduit must be bedded with a minimum of 4” of sand.
  7. All conduits must be gray Schedule 40 electrical PVC.
  8. All primary conduit (7200V) must be 3” diameter with 36” radius long sweeping elbows at any 90° bend.
  9. Secondary (120/240V) conduit for a 200 Amp. service must be 3” diameter, with 36”radius long sweeping elbows at any 90° bend.
  10. Secondary (120/240V) conduit for a 400 Amp. service must be 3” diameter, with 36” radius long sweeping elbows at any 90° bend. (See Exhibit A)
  11. Street or security lighting conduit must be 1 ¼” with 36” radius long sweeping elbows at any 90° bend.
  12. There will be no more than 270° of bend (3- 90° bends or 2- 90° &   2- 45°) in any one run of conduit, primary or secondary, between devices.
  13. All Primary conduits must be proved by mandrel.  See Exhibit I for mandreling details.
  14. New mule-tape rated at 2500# must be left in all conduits, primary and/or secondary. Mule-tape must move freely in conduit and have sufficient length (10’ or greater) beyond each end to accommodate installation of conductor.  Mule-tape can be picked up at Lane Electric at no charge.
  15. Where transformers and primary or secondary junction boxes are to be installed, specifications must be obtained from Lane Electric’s Engineering Department.  (See Exhibits B-G for common facilities.)
  16. After the Trench is dug and conduit installed, call Lane Electric (541- 484 –1151) to have an inspection scheduled by the Engineering and Operations Department.
  17. After the Trench and the conduit are inspected, the Trench may be back-filled.  Conductor cannot be installed until trench is backfilled.


    No electric lines, primary or secondary, may be placed under a concrete foundation or slab.

Typical Trench Detail Information