Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Member Assistance Program (MAP)

Lane Electric provides the opportunity for any member who wishes to contribute to the Member Assistance Program (MAP), to designate an amount on their electric bill that they would like donated to assist needy, less fortunate members who are unable to pay their electric bills during the winter months. Your donation to the (MAP) Program is truly appreciated by all of those it helps.

You can help!

Thanks to the caring spirit of several hundred Lane Electric members, almost $10,000 is raised annually for the Member Assistance Program (MAP). Every dollar goes to provide emergency aid to families that are experiencing a financial crisis by paying part of their electricity costs.

YOU CAN HELP make this winter more comfortable for a needy family, fixed-income senior, or disable person by making a voluntary contribution to MAP. You may make either a single (one-time) contribution, or pledge an amount you want to give each month. Your pledge will be added to your bill, and your decision to pay the pledge will be completely voluntary.

IT’S EASY to help simply fill out the card that is included with your billing, or call the office and we will mail you one, and return it to Lane Electric. Donations are tax-deductible and go directly to needy customers. Lane Electric pays all administrative costs for the program.

THE GOAL OF MAP is to offer assistance to members that don’t qualify for other types of relief because of deep cuts in government assistance programs. A growing number of people can’t get help due to limited funding. It is these families, who “fall between the cracks,” that MAP is intended to help.

If you are interested in participating in the MAP program, click on the image below to print out the pledge form below.  Once completed, mail the form in with your next electric bill.  Thank you for considering a MAP contribution.