Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Energy-Star/NEEM Manufactured Homes

Considering purchasing a Energy-Star or NEEM certified manufactured home? Will you be locating it within Lane Electric’s service area? You may be eligible for a $500 rebate. For more details on how you might qualify, please take some time to review the guidelines below.

Program Requirements

To be eligible for a rebate, Lane Electric must receive:

1.  The Energy-Star/NEEM rebate coupon

2.  A copy of the sales receipt, and

3.  A copy of the Energy-Star/NEEM Certificate within 90 days of installation.

$500 rebate for installing a Energy-Star Manufactured home. Appliance rebates do not apply. Heat pump rebate may apply.

Because Lane Electric has a limited budget, availability of funds is also limited. Therefore, retailers cannot guarantee credits. Please contact Lane Electric at 484-1151 before purchase to verify the availability of funds. Credits will be honored on a first-come first-served basis.

Home must be a permanent residence (no hardship permits) served by Lane Electric.

Download:  Energy Star Manufactured Home Rebate Coupon