Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Power Suppliers

Have you ever wondered where Oregon’s electricity comes from? Most of the electricity provided by Lane Electric Co-op is generated from the Bonneville Power Administration’s network of generation facilities. In the chart below, the bar graph on the left shows the average source for Oregon’s 37 consumer-owned utilities. The bar graph on the right shows Bonneville Power’s resource mix that makes up over 90% of LEC’s wholesale providers.


The Bonneville Power Administration

The Bonneville Power Administration is a federal nonprofit agency based in the Pacific Northwest. Although BPA is part of the U.S. Department of Energy, it is self-funding and covers its costs by selling its products and services. BPA markets wholesale electrical power from 31 federal hydro projects in the Columbia River Basin, one non-federal nuclear plant and several other small non-federal power plants. The dams are operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation. About one-third of the electric power used in the Northwest comes from BPA.

BPA also operates and maintains about three-fourths of the high-voltage transmission in its service territory. BPA’s service territory includes Idaho, Oregon, Washington, western Montana and small parts of eastern Montana, California, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.As part of its responsibilities, BPA promotes energy efficiency, renewable resources and new technologies. The agency also funds regional efforts to protect and rebuild fish and wildlife populations affected by hydroelectric power development in the Columbia River Basin.

BPA is committed to providing public service and seeks to make its decisions in a manner that provides opportunities for input from all stakeholders. In its vision statement, BPA dedicates itself to providing high system reliability, low rates consistent with sound business principles, environmental stewardship and accountability.