Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Lane Electric’s New Member Packet

For your convenience, Lane Electric offers information for new members in a variety of ways:

  • A printed, paper version available in the office or for mailing
  • A CD, available in the office or for mailing
  • Downloadable and printable PDFs (below)

The New Member Information Packet information includes

Welcome to Lane Electric (Printable PDF)

This booklet has been prepared to provide a host of information about Lane Electric. Inside, you will learn about what a cooperative is, how you can participate in your cooperative, the 7 Cooperative Principles, what our basic fees and charges are and how much energy appliances can use each month.

Bylaws – Amended 10-27-2014 (Printable PDF)

Our bylaw booklet outline the rules of Lane Electric, which are established by the board of directors. Bylaws cover such topics as:  Our location, details about our annual meeting and special meetings of the cooperative, information about director membership, meetings, compensation, selection and removal of board members, and more.

2016 LEC_Rules & Regulations Booklet (Printable PDF)

The Rules and Regulation booklet provides definitions for particular terms you might encounter as a new member, an overview of the general term and conditions of electric service, connect and disconnect fees, meter reading, billing, line extensions and conversions and net metering information.

And for members who are interested in a having a brand new service installed,

Electric Service Requirements & Guidelines  (Printable PDF)

This booklet is a must if you are considering having a new service installed to your home or business.  Information about easements, overhead and underground service, service diagrams and more, are available.