Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Matt 6Manager’s Report

Every month, I like to take a minute and report on some of the issues that Lane Electric deals with. Sometimes, I may write about poles, lines and wires. Other times, it might be about power supply issues, service interruptions or member meeting schedules. And sometimes, it’s simply to keep you informed about what goes on at Lane Electric, your cooperative. Be sure to check out the Ruralite archives on our site for other information you might be interested in, too. 

10-04-2017 An Explanation of a Bill Print Error
08-07-2017 A Look At BPA Rate Pressures…
07-05-2017 Know What’s Below…
05-30-2017 Odds-n-Ends
05-03-2017 District Meetings: 4 To Go…
04-03-2017 New Resolution: Stranded Assets & Economic Impacts
03-06-2017 The State of Oregon & The Federal Hydroelectric System
01-05-2017 January 2017 – Ruralite Back-page
12-02-2016 Help Us Help You By Giving Us Access To Our Equipment
11-15-2016 ORECA Action – Join Today
10-04-2016 Winter Is Just Around the Corner
07-21-2016 The Benefits of LEC’s Pay-As-You Go Program
07-11-2016 More About The Columbia-Snake River Salmon Recovery Program (BiOp)
06-04-2016 Odds-n-Ends
05-02-2016 One Down, Three To Go…
04-01-2016 District Meetings Right Around The Corner
03-05-2016 National Policy and Rural Electric Cooperatives
02-02-2016 Legislative Update
01-07-2016 January Down The Line
12-01-2015 December Down The Line
11-02-2015 Odds-n-Ends
10-02-2015 A Note Of Thanks
09-03-2015 More About BPA’s Rate Increase
07-06-2015 Save The Date!!!
06-01-2015 More About Our Community Solar Project
05-01-2015 Community Solar at LEC
04-01-2015 Spring is just around the corner
03-01-2015 CleanHydro Campaign