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Kid’s Links

Kids CFL Charlie


Kids “Super Energy Saver” Program: CFL Charlie

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Touchstone Kids Zone


Touchstone Energy Kids Zone

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Zippy and Splash


Coloring books, puzzles, stories, lots of fun!

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Global Warming Kids Site


Become a climate detective on this EPA site with games and animation.

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Kids’ Zone


Art, Contests, Games and much more.

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Dr. E’s Energy Lab


Covering all types of Energy.

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Explorers Club


Games, art, science facts and lots of interesting and fun links.

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The Atoms Family


Information and great projects for kids of all ages

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Energy Ant


Information and activities for kids of all ages.

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Energy Quest


Fun with energy from the California Energy Commission.

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Lose Your Excuse

The Department of Energy, in partnership with the Ad Council, has developed this website and the “Lose Your Excuse” campaign to generate a whole new generation of energy-conscious consumers. Enjoy the exercises and information as you learn.

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Simple Machines

Paka Bike-tilting and steering 1 Atwood machine  Free body diagram  Wedge-diagram    Wood screw big

There are six basic simple machines.  This site will share what they are, how they work and how they are integrated into modern-day machinery.

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