Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Interested In An Electric Safety Demonstration?

At Lane Electric, safety is our number one priority; for the general public and for our employees.  As such, we offer a couple of safety education options.  For schools and service organizations, we have our Power-Pals demonstration and for larger, more commercial groups, we offer a High Voltage Safety presentation and demonstration.


 Lane Electric offers their “Power-Pals” program to help members remember the importance of playing it safe with electricity. These programs are for all ages. Call our office at 541-484-1151 to schedule a safety presentation for your school, church, or civic group.  Click on the PowerPals link for a short video.




 Lane Electric also offers a high-voltage presentation and demonstration to emergency service groups, federal agencies, transportation departments, construction companies and other, about the importance of knowing about electricity and how to be safe around it. If this something your group might be interested in, call our office at 541-484-1151 to schedule a high-voltage safety presentation for your company or business.