Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative


The Lane Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEC) Board of Directors convened on February 17, 2015 at the LEC corporate office at 787 Bailey Hill Road in Eugene, Oregon.


Call to Order

President Christopher B. Seubert called to order the LEC Board regular monthly meeting around 10 AM with a quorum present. Directors present were: Susan Knudsen Obermeyer, Vice-President, and directors, Charles E. Bangle, Jeri Nelson, J. Ingrid Kessler, and Kathy Keable. Secretary/Treasurer Jack Billings was not present.


Also present at different times in the meeting were: Charles N. Fadeley, LEC attorney (arrived around 10 AM); Matt Michel, General Manager; Tony Toncray, Manager of Construction & Maintenance; Debi Wilson, Manager of Office & Staff Services; Cynthia Scoble, Controller; Dave D’Avanzo, Manager of Member Services; and Doug Stockdale, Manager of Engineering Services.

General Manager Michel acted as recording secretary.

Member Input

There were no members present.


Approval of Agenda

President Seubert asked if there were additions or amendments to the agenda. Hearing none, President Seubert declared the agenda approved as presented.


Approval of Minutes

President Seubert asked if there were additions or corrections to the January 26, 2015 board meeting minutes. The Board amended the minutes to clarify that the $100.00 donation for a post-graduate celebration event was for only drug-free and alcohol-free events. President Seubert declared the minutes approved as amended.


Safety Program Report

Manager Tony Toncray reported on the January Office and outside Construction and Maintenance safety meetings, and the Employee Safety Program through January. He also reported on Lane Electric’s participation as an invited presenter of office safety programming at the upcoming NRECA Safety Leadership Summit in Indianapolis, Indiana. Discussion occurred.


Financial Report

Controller Cynthia Scoble along with Manager Debi Wilson reported on LEC’s financial condition for the period ending January 2015.


Manager Wilson presented a recommendation to amend the 2015 Capital Budget. Discussion occurred. Upon a motion made and seconded, the Board amended the 2015 Capital Budget in the following capital budget categories: Add $2,425 for Office capital; add $10,425 for Building and Grounds capital; and add $110,000 for Construction-Distribution.


Manager Wilson reported on bids for casualty and liability insurance renewals. Discussion occurred.