Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative


Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting
Lane Electric Cooperative, Inc.
May 27, 2014

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of Lane Electric Cooperative Inc. was called to order by President Christopher B. Seubert at 11:00 AM on Monday, May 27, 2014, at the Cooperative’s office at 787 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, Oregon. Directors present were Jeri Nelson, Vice-President; Charles E. Bangle, Secretary; Patricia C. Dymock, Treasurer; and directors, Charles J. Leighter, Susan Knudsen Obermeyer and Jack Billings. Also present were Charles N. Fadeley, Cooperative’s attorney; Rick Crinklaw, General Manager; Dave D’Avanzo, Manager of Member Services; Debi Wilson, Manager of Office & Staff Services; Tony Toncray, Manager of Construction & Maintenance; Doug Stockdale, Manager of Engineering Services; and Brenda Everts, Executive Secretary, who acted as recording secretary.

Member Input
Two Central District members, J. Ingred Kessler and Nathan Phillips were present to observe the meeting.

Approval of the Agenda
President Seubert asked if there were additions or amendments to the agenda. Hearing none, President Seubert declared the agenda approved as presented.

Approval of Minutes
President Seubert asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes for the April 28 regular board meeting. Hearing none, President Seubert then declared the minutes approved as presented.

Reports – Director & Committee

• Committee:

• Director:

The directors met with representatives from CFC for a workshop entitled “Solar Technologies” prior to the board meeting.

• ORECA Director:

President Seubert reported on the meeting held in Baker City on May 16th. He reported that he chose to join via a conference call instead of traveling to the meeting. He also reported on the upcoming CFC financial workshop to be held at the Doubletree in Portland on May 3 – 4.

• ORECA Government Affairs Committee (GAC):

Mr. Crinklaw reported that he and President Seubert attended the NRECA Legislative Conference in Washington DC. The topics discussed with members of Oregon’s congressional delegation were:

• Columbia River Treaty
• NWPCC F&W Program and Spill Proposal test
• Greater Sage Grouse and the BLM
• Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Mr. Crinklaw also reported he received personal recognition from Con. Peter DeFazio. He also reported on his pending resignation as Chairman of the ACRE Committee at the July Meeting.

Report – Manager’s

• Thank You Cards:

Cards and thank you letters were shared with the board.

• Biological Opinion (BiOp)/ Fish & Wildlife Status:

Mr. Crinklaw gave an update on the following items:

• NW Power & Conservation Council – DRAFT 2014 F & W Program
• The “Tear Down Deadbeat Dams” Campaign
• NW River Partners Wins Award
• Hydro Forecast

• Regional/Federal Power Issues:

Mr. Crinklaw reported on the following issues:

• BPA Rates
• The Columbia River Treaty
• BPA Management issues
• BPA fuels Mix Summary
• BPA Capital Investment Review
• Energy Northwest Debt Extension Proposal

Attorney Chuck Fadeley arrived for the meeting at 12:00 p.m.

• PNGC Financial report:

Mr. Crinklaw reported on the current monthly and year-to-date financials for PNGC through March.

• PNGC Activities:

Mr. Crinklaw reported on the following issues:

• Coffin Butte Update
• Community Solar
• FERC Deregistration

• Blue River Substation Service

Mr. Crinklaw reported EWEB recently informed BPA they are not interested in renewing the agreement with BPA to provide back-up service from Carmen Smith, to the Cooperative’s Blue River substation. There could be impact to service quality for our members. Two conference calls are scheduled.

• FEMA Assistance Update:

Mr. Crinklaw gave an update regarding gathering and submitting the requested information for FEMA assistance to help with the costs from the February ice storm.

• OSHA Final Rules:

Mr. Crinklaw reported Oregon is evaluating how much of the new OSHA requirements they will adopt regarding training, fall protection, FR clothing and other personal protective equipment. Tony Toncray, Manager of Construction & Maintenance is following the issue closely.

• Fox Hollow Neighbors

Mr. Crinklaw distributed a copy of a letter sent to all members served by the Fox Hollow Substation. The letter was part of the follow-up response to members that attended last month’s board meeting. The letter explained there will be no spraying at the subtation this year due to the scheduled replacement of the gravel and ground grid.

• Pre-Pay Program Update:

• Participants = 825
• Goal Percentage by Dec. 31, 2014 = 15%

• King Estate Solar Project – Update

Mr. Crinklaw gave the quarterly review power generating from King Estate Solar Project.

• Conferences & Meetings:

• NWPPA Annual Meeting will be held May 18- 22 in Billings Montana. Directors Billings and Dymock are scheduled to attend.

• CFC Financial Workshop will be held June 3-4 at The Embassy Suites in Portland. Directors, Seubert, Bangle and Knudsen Obermeyer are scheduled to attend.

• CFC Forum will be held June 10-13 in San Diego, CA. Directors Nelson and Bangle are scheduled to attend.

• ORECA Mid-Year Meeting will be held July 15-17 at the River House in Bend. Directors Dymock and Leighter are scheduled to attend.

• Community Events & Meetings:

Mr. Crinklaw reported the Oakridge Tree Planting Festival and parade was held Saturday, May 3. There were several participants; Directors Nelson and Knudsen Obermeyer and Employees, Kevin & Denisa Bradley, Brad Anderson, Brenda Everts, Mary Elkins, Debbie Payzant, John Murray, Robin Castle, and Dave & Susan D’Avanzo. He also reported the Cooperatives Float won a 3rd place ribbon.

• Travel & Meetings Itinerary:

Each director received a copy of Mr. Crinklaw’s travel and meeting itinerary for May and June.

Policy Review

Mr. D’Avanzo, Manager of Member Service reported on the policies subject to review: Policy 212 (Fitness for Duty) and Policy 214 (Employee Drivers Policy). There were suggested changes in Policy 212 and no suggested changes in Policy 214. Upon motion made and properly seconded it was approved to renew as presented Policy 212 (Fitness for Duty) and Policy 214 (Employee Drivers Policy). The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Donation Request

• Lane Pamona Grange
• American Cancer Society – Relay for Life
• March of Dimes – Walk for Babies

Upon motion made and properly seconded to donate $125 to the Lane Pamona Grange, $1,500 to The March of Dimes – Walk for Babies, and $500 to the American Cancer Society -Relay for Life. Discussion followed. A motion was made and properly seconded to amend the motion to donate $125 to Lane Pamona Grange, $1,054 to the March of Dimes – Walk for Babies, and $500 to the American Cancer Society – Relay for Life. The motion to amend was approved by majority vote. The amended motion was passed by unanimous vote.

Authorize Appointments Committee to Make Appointments

Mr. Crinklaw reported that the board’s Member Appointments Committee must appoint members to the following committees; Nominating Committee and the Election & Credentials Committee. The appointments must me be made between May 30 and June 28.

Upon motion made and properly seconded it was approved to authorize the Member Appointments Committee to make timely appointments for vacancies on the Nominating Committee and the Election & Credentials Committee. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Lunch – Walking Tour of Warehouse Yard

Mr. Toncray gave a guided tour explaining the progress for the Facilities renovation Plan.

Strategic Plan Review

Mr. D’Avanzo gave the quarterly strategic Plan review and explained the progress towards goals and objectives. Lengthy discussion followed.

75th Anniversary Review & Critique

Mr. D’Avanzo reported the celebration to recognize Lane Electric’s 75th Anniversary on Saturday May 17 was well attended.

Financial Report

Ms. Scoble, Controller, along with Ms. Wilson reported on the financial condition of the Cooperative for the period ending May 2014. Ms. Wilson also explained the current line of credit with CoBank will expire June 27. A renewal ratification will be presented at the June board meeting.

Safety Program Report

Tony Toncray, Manager of Construction & Maintenance, reported the Office safety meeting was held May 15, and the topic was “Handling Threatening Situations”. The Construction and Maintenance safety meeting was held May 22. The topic was “Lyme Disease”. He also reported on the status of the Employee Safety Program through the end of May and reported there have been 608 days without a time loss injury. Mr. Crinklaw handed out a pamphlet from CAT Safety Services highlighting Lane Electric’s “Expedition to Excellence”.

Directors Billings and Bangle also reported on the safety meetings.

Agenda Items for June 23

• Donations
• Appoint Region IX Voting Delegates
• Renewable Energy Credit Acquisition
• Presentation 10 Year Work Plan
• Bylaw Committee Identifies Potential Bylaw Amendments
• Construction Work Plan Activities Report
Legal report and Executive Session

There being no further business to come before the board in open session, the directors along with Mr. Crinklaw and Mr. Fadeley, entered into executive session.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 4:30 p.m.