Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative


Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting

Lane Electric Cooperative, Inc.

February 24, 2014



            The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of Lane Electric Cooperative Inc. was called to order by President Christopher B. Seubert at 11:00 AM on Monday, February 24, 2014, at the Cooperative’s office at 787 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, Oregon.   Directors present were Jeri Nelson, Vice-President; Charles E. Bangle, Secretary; Patricia C. Dymock, Treasurer; and directors, Charles J. Leighter, Susan Knudsen Obermeyer and Jack Billings. Also present were Charles N. Fadeley, Cooperative’s attorney; Rick Crinklaw, General Manager; Dave D’Avanzo, Manager of Member Services; Debi Wilson, Manager of Office & Staff Services; Tony Toncray, Manager of Construction & Maintenance; Doug Stockdale, Manager of Engineering Services; and Brenda Everts, Executive Secretary, who acted as recording secretary.

Member Input

Nathan Philips, Central area member, was present to observe the meeting.

Approval of the Agenda

President Seubert asked if there were additions or amendments to the agenda. Mr. Crinklaw suggested adding two donations requests to the agenda.  Hearing no objections, President Seubert declared the agenda approved as amended.


Approval of Minutes

President Seubert asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes for the January 27 regular board meeting.  Hearing none, President Seubert then declared the minutes approved as presented.

Reports – Director & Committee

·         Committee:

            General Manager Search & Selection Committee (GMSSC): Director Nelson reported that she had sent out a confidential email and inquired as to how to distribute hard copies to those that want them.  Mr. Crinklaw suggested using Attorney Fadeley’s staff to arrange for distribution of hard copies.

·         Director:

Director Report –President Seubert reported the entire board met prior to the board meeting with NRECA representative, Eric Hays, to discuss the retirement plan.

·         ORECA Director:

            President Seubert, ORECA director, reported he was asked and accepted an opportunity to attend and be on a panel named “Making New Directors Effective Directors Fast”, Monday March 3 in Nashville at the NRECA Annual Meeting. 

·         ORECA Government Affairs Committee (GAC):

Mr. Crinklaw reported on the Governor’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Task Force that was created with the purpose of considering revisions in Oregon RPS.  ORECA has a delegation working with the task force; Ted Case, ORECA Executive Director, Dave Markham, Central Electric; and Steve Eldridge, Umatilla Electric Cooperative.  He also reported the impacts of BLM’s draft Risk Management Plan to Harney Electric Coop and Midstate Electric Co-op to protect the Sage Grouse.

Report – Manager’s


·         Thank You Cards:

Cards and thank you letters were shared with the board.

·         Biological Opinion (BiOp)/ Fish & Wildlife Status:

Mr. Crinklaw gave an update on the following items:

·         The final revised Bi-Op

·         Status of Columbia and Snake River Chinook run.

·         BPA Annual Fish & Wildlife Spending

·         Spill Experiment proposed to the Regional Council by the State of Oregon and Nez Pierce Indian Tribe

·         CleanHydro Campaign

·         Regional/Federal Power Issues:


Mr. Crinklaw reported on the following issues:

·         The Columbia River Treaty

·         BPA Management issues

·         BPA Rate Case

·         BPA Cost Recovery Adjustment Charge (CRAC)


Attorney Chuck Fadeley arrived for the meeting at 11:45 P.M


·         PNGC Financial report:


Mr. Crinklaw reported on the current monthly and year-to-date financials for PNGC through December.

·         PNGC Activities:


Mr. Crinklaw reported on the following issues:

·         FERC Deregistration

·         WECC Annual Assessment

·         ORECA Activities

Mr. Crinklaw gave a follow-up from the ORECA strategic planning session held in Salem on January 9.  He also reported on an initiative to restore the Director/Manager Conference.   He reported that he volunteered to help with the planning for the conference.

·         Pension Legislation

Mr. Crinklaw reported on the status of pension flexibility legislation that was recently approved unanimously by the U.S. Senate.  The legislation will move to the House of Representatives for consideration.

·         Emerald PUD Rates

Mr. Crinklaw reported EPUD recently approved a three to four percent rate increase effective April 1.   Lane Electric will need to revise the E-Series rate schedules to be consistent with the customer transfer agreement.  Lane Electric’s new E-Series rates will be effective May 1.


·         Pre-Pay Program Update:

·      Participants = 770

·      Current Percentage = 6.4%

·      Goal Percentage by Dec. 31, 2014 = 15%

·         NICS 2013 Patronage Capital

Mr. Crinklaw reported he recently received the 2013 patronage capital allocation.  The allocation was $14,729 with a refund of $3,093 with the balance of $34,407.

·         Oakridge Food Box Program

Mr. Crinklaw reported he continues to serve on the Upper Willamette Community Development Corp (CDC) Governing Board.  He reported the program served 571 households during the 2013 fiscal-year and year-to-date for January, they have helped 644 people.

·         Conferences & Meetings:


·         The Eugene Chamber Celebration of Business/First Citizen Banquet was held on January 29 at the Eugene Hilton.  Those attend were: Rick and Carla Crinklaw, Debi Wilson, Directors Bangle and Billings and Julie Daniel and Carolyn Stein from BRING Recycling.

·         The NRECA Annual Meeting will be held February 27 – March 7 in Nashville TN.  Those scheduled to attend are Rick Crinklaw, Debi Wilson and Directors Seubert, Billings, Bangle, and Knudsen Obermeyer.

·         The Creswell. Chamber of Commerce – Community Awards Banquet will be held March 7 at the Emerald Valley Golf & Resort.  Mr. Crinklaw asked anyone that would like to attend to contact Debi Wilson.

·         The NRECA Directors’ Conference is scheduled to be held March 22-25 in St. Louis MO.  Directors Nelson and Dymock are scheduled to attend.

·         Managers’ Report:

            Mr. Crinklaw reported on the following items:


·         Member Meeting revised scheduled

·         Board of Director Work Session on Solar Technology May 27

·         North West Hazmat

·         Travel & Meetings Itinerary:

Each director received a copy of Mr. Crinklaw’s travel and meeting itinerary for February and March.

Policy Review


Mr. D’Avanzo, Manager of Member Service reported on the policy subject to review, Policy 206 (Employee Medical Examinations).  There were no proposed changes in the policy.  A motion was made and properly seconded to renew as presented Policy 206 (Employee Medical Examinations) as presented. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Attorney Fadeley presented a power point presentation and discussed in detail Policy 100 (Director’s Duties & Standards of Conduct).  Lengthy discussion followed.  Director Nelson suggested having the Cooperative’s Attorney review Policy 100 with the board following every director election.

Donation Request 

Community Sharing “Souper” Fundraiser – A motion was made and seconded to donate $250 to the Community Sharing “Souper” Fundraiser. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

High School Post-Graduation Celebrations – A motion was made and properly seconded to donate $100 to high schools in the service area that request a donation to their High School Post-Graduation Celebrations.  The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Consider Dates for 2014 Annual Meeting


Mr. D’Avanzo reported on three possible dates for the 2014 Annual Meeting: August 25, September 22, and October 27.  Mr. D’Avanzo reported the selection of the 2014 Annual Meeting date will be considered at next month’s board meeting.

Lunch – Ice Storm Outage Report


Mr. D’Avanzo, along with staff members, Doug Stockdale, Tony Toncray and Debi Wilson all gave a comprehensive report on the ice storm outage process.

Social Media Communication Plan


Mr. D’Avanzo reported that Social Media has been a part of Lane Electric’s communication mix since 2010.  He hopes to enhance the current member communication such as Ruralite, bill inserts and the website with other Social Media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as additional means to reach out to members.


Strategic Plan Review


Mr. D’Avanzo gave a quarterly review of the new 2014 strategic plan.  Last month there was an interest in revisiting Issue #4 (Power Supply).  Upon motion made and properly seconded it was moved to amend the strategic plan (Issue #4; Power Supply; Strategic Objective #3, Task #3) to study the installation of a solar generating system at the cooperative’s headquarters, to include consideration of “Community Solar” model.  The motion was approved unanimously.


Review Cyber-Risk Insurance Renewal Proposals


Debi Wilson reported the current coverage with Hurtado & Associates will expire March 31.  The available coverage and renewal rates were discussed.  The board will be asked to make a decision at the March 17 board meeting.


Financial Report


Debi Wilson reported on the financial condition of the Cooperative for the period ending January 2014.


Safety Program Report


Tony Toncray, Manager of Construction & Maintenance, reported the Office safety meeting was held January 16, and the topic was “Near Miss Reporting”.  The Construction and Maintenance safety meeting was held January 23. The topic was “Oil Spill Clean-up Procedure”.  He also reported on the status of the Employee Safety Program through the end of January and reported there have been 517 days without a time loss injury.


Directors Billings and Bangle also reported on the safety meetings.

Agenda Items for March 17 

·         Donations

·         Select Date for Annual Meeting

·         Approve Revised E-Series Rate Schedules – EPUD Transfers

·         Cyber-Risk Insurance Renewal

·         Construction Work Plan Activities Report

Legal report and Executive Session


There being no further business to come before the board in open session, the directors along with Mr. Crinklaw and Mr. Fadeley, entered into executive session.




Meeting adjourned at approximately 3:30 PM.