Lane Electric - A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

2013 September


Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting

Lane Electric Cooperative, Inc.

September 23, 2013



            The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of Lane Electric Cooperative Inc. was called to order by President Jeri Nelson at 11:00 AM on Monday, September 23, 2013, at the Cooperative’s office at 787 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, Oregon.   Directors present were Christopher B. Seubert, Vice-President; Patricia C. Dymock, Secretary; Charles J. Leighter, Treasurer; and directors, Charles E. Bangle, Loy M. Sparks and James W. Hill. Also present were Charles N. Fadeley, Cooperative’s attorney; Rick Crinklaw, General Manager; Dave D’Avanzo, Manager of Member Services; Debi Wilson, Manager of Office & Staff Services;  Tony Toncray, Manager of Construction & Maintenance; Doug Stockdale, Manager of Engineering Services; and Tara Davis, Utility Services Representative, who acted as recording secretary. 

Member Input

Mr. Jack Billings, and James Heric, Central District director candidates and Mrs. Martha Shearer, Row River District director candidate were present to observe the meeting.

 Approval of the Agenda

President Nelson asked if there were additions or amendments to the agenda. Mr. Crinklaw requested moving the EWEB Service Area Transfer Update to the beginning of the agenda.  He also requested the addition of a donation for the Oakridge Senior Citizens Christmas basket to the donation section of the agenda. President Nelson asked if there were any objections to the suggested amendments.  Hearing none, President Nelson declared the agenda approved as amended.

 Approval of Minutes

President Nelson asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the regular board meeting held on August 26, 2013. Hearing none, President Nelson then declared the minutes approved as presented. 

  EWEB Service Area Transfer – Update

 Mr. Crinklaw reported that he along with; Debi Wilson, Jeri Nelson, Chris Seubert and Pat Dymock attended the EWEB Board meeting that was held at the McKenzie Fire & Rescue Training Center on September 17.  There were approximately 50 people present.  Following EWEB staff providing a general update on the possible transfer, the floor was opened up for questions and answers.   Mr. Crinklaw responded to several questions from EWEB customers.  There were some Lane Electric members in attendance; they spoke in support of the Cooperative.

Reports – Director & Committee

 ·         Committee:  Annual Meeting Committee

 Mr. Seubert reported on the upcoming Oakridge District meeting on September 23.


·         Director:


            Facilities Committee:  Director Seubert gave an update on the facilities renovation.


·         ORECA Director:


            Vice President Seubert, ORECA director, reported on the following items: The possibility of hydropower being considered a renewable resource, Legislative Issues, Region 7-9 meeting in Portland.


·         ORECA Government Affairs Committee (GAC):


Mr. Crinklaw spoke on the following items: Customer Owned Utility Luncheon was held in September in Portland, and the GAC meeting to be held concurrent with Region IX.


Report – Manager’s


·         Thank You Cards:

Cards and thank you letters were shared with the board.


·         Introductions:

Mr. Crinklaw introduced Blair Caldwell, Engineering Technician.  Blair has extensive experience as a mapping and Engineering/Staking Tech for Missoula Electric Co-op and Flathead Electric Co-op.  Her personal interest include, organic gardening, working with her horses and mules packing into the mountains, bow hunting and maintaining horse trails in the wilderness.

·         Biological Opinion (BiOp)/ Fish & Wildlife Status:

Mr. Crinklaw gave an update on the following items:

·         The DRAFT Bi-Op completion date was completed Sept. 9.

·         The FINAL Bi-Op preparation date is expected to be prepared Mid-December.

·         The filing deadline for remanded Bi-Op to the court is Jan 1, 2014. 

·         Bill Maslen, BPA Director of Fish & Wildlife presentation at PNGC

·         The hydro forecast at The Dalles and the Grand Coulee are both near 100%.

·         The status of Columbia and Snake River Chinook Run.


·         Regional/Federal Power Issues:


Mr. Crinklaw reported on the following issues:

·         Employment status of BPA’s Administrators Bill Drummond and Anita Decker is still a big issue.

·         BPA’s 2014-2015 power and transmission rate case.

·         The Columbia River Treaty.

·         2014 PPC Dues

·         PNGC Financial report:


Mr. Crinklaw reported on the current monthly and year-to-date financials for PNGC through July.

·         PNGC Activities:


Mr. Crinklaw reported on the following items:

·         2014 Budget adopted (Non-Power Operations)

·         PNGC Annual Meeting

·         Net-Metering Installation:


Mr. Crinklaw reported there were no new net-metering installations for the month of August.  However one agreement on Ellmaker Rd. was terminated, bringing the total net-metering participants to 51 residential and two commercial systems producing 217,865 kWh per year.

·         Pre-Pay Program Update:


·      Participants = 689

·      Participation = 6.0 %


Mr. Crinklaw mentioned the goal is to have 10 percent participation by 12/31/13. 


·         Lowell/Oakridge Power Line:


Mr. Crinklaw reported during the summer of 2016, BPA will be changing out the poles on  the 115 KV power line that extends between Lookout Point Dam and Hills Creek Dam.

·         Planned Outage – Dexter Substation:


Mr. Crinklaw reported on the planned power outage at the Dexter Substation on Sept. 28 at 11:30 p.m. to Sept. 29 3:30 a.m. (4 hours).  The outage is requested by the Army Corps of Engineers to complete preliminary work prior to fishery improvements at Dexter Dam.

Conferences & Meetings:

·         District Meeting Schedule; Sept 25- Oakridge High School; Oct 8 – Twin Oaks Elementary School, Oct. 10 – Lowell High School, Oct. 21 – Dorena Grange,

Oct. 22 – Upper McKenzie Community Center.


·         PNGC Annual Meeting – Doubletree Lloyd Center in Portland September 30 and October 1.  Scheduled to attend; Directors Nelson, Seubert, Dymock, Bangle and Sparks.


·         Region VII & IX Meeting – Portland October 15-17.  ORECA is hosting the meeting and the cooperative will be contributing staff support for registration, ambassadors, etc.


·         Cottage Grove Community Foundation Dinner Annual Dinner, October 17.  Those scheduled to attend are Mr. & Mrs. Crinklaw, Director Bangle and his wife Mary, and Director Seubert and his wife Stephanie. 

·         Managers Report:


Mr. Crinklaw reported the final slate of candidates for directors has been posted and there were no nominations via petitions received as of the Aug 28 deadline. 

·         Travel & Meetings Itinerary:

September and October.  

Attorney Chuck Fadeley arrived for the meeting at 12:00 P.M


Fox Hollow Substation Vegetation Management Plan – Update


Mr. D’Avanzo reported on the Oregon Department of Forestry FERNS notification system as a follow-up to a suggestion offered at last month’s board meeting by a member.  He also reported on the current substation treatment and communication and notification plan.  Mr. Crinklaw reported on the substation vegetation control status.


Policy Review


Mr. D’Avanzo, Manager of Member Service reported there was one Policy up for review this month, Policy 604 (Damage to Member Property).  There was one proposed change in the policy.  A motion was made and properly seconded to move to renew as presented Policy 604 (Damage to Member Property).  The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Donation Request 


S.A.N.T.A. (Sharing Among Neighbors Toy Appeal) – A motion was made and seconded to donate $400 to S.A.N.T.A.  The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Creslane Food 4 Kids – A motion was made and seconded to donate $400 to the Creslane Food 4 Kids. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Oakridge Senior Citizens Christmas Baskets – A motion was made and seconded to donate $500 to the Oakridge Senior Citizens Christmas Baskets. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

DRAFT – Strategic Plan Initiatives & Objectives


Mr. D’Avanzo reported on the strategic planning session held on August 20-21.  It was noted that that staff has not had an opportunity to review Tom Hall’s summary of the planning session.  Staff will review the summary and begin drafting an action plan soon.


Insurance Renewals


Ms. Wilson reported that on September 30, the Cooperative’s current Workers Compensation Insurance coverage with Federated Insurance will expire.  Three proposals were submitted from Neilson, Hurtado & Associates; Federated Rural Electric; and SAIF.  A motion was made and properly seconded to renew workers’ compensation insurance coverage for coverage year 2013 with Federated Rural Electric Insurance. The motion was approved by unanimous vote. 

Discussion followed regarding changes in the health insurance renewal premiums.  A board workshop was scheduled to be held prior to the next board meeting.


Resolution 5-13 – Rescind Life Insurance Waiting Period


Last month Mr. Crinklaw suggested the board consider revising the waiting period for new employees to become eligible for life insurance benefits thru NRECA’s group by eliminating the current six month waiting period.  A motion was made and properly seconded to approve

Resolution 5-13 (A resolution to modify life insurance coverage waiting period) and

authorize the Cooperatives general manager to effect the modification.  The motion was

approved by unanimous vote.


Financial Report


Ms. Scoble, Controller, along with Debi Wilson reported on the financial condition of the Cooperative for the period ending August 2013. 


Safety Program Report


Toncray, Manager of Construction & Maintenance, reported the Office safety meeting was held September 19 and the topic was “Cold & Flu Prevention”.  The Construction and Maintenance safety meeting will be held September 26.  The topic will be “Substation Maintenance – Fern Ridge Substation”.  He also reported on the status of the Employee Safety Program through the end of August, and reported there have been 898 days without a time loss injury.  Director Dymock also reported on the inside safety meeting. 

Agenda Items for October 28

·         Donations

·         Health & Dental Insurance Renewal – Pending

·         Fox Hollow Substation Vegetation Management Plan – Update

·         EWEB Area transfer – Update

·         Scott Corwin Visit

·         Ratify Resolution 6-13

·         DRAFT – Strategic Plan Initiatives & Objectives

·         District Meeting Critique

·         Appoint ORECA Director and Alternate

·         Appoint ORECA ACRE Committee Representative

Legal report and Executive Session


There being no further business to come before the board in open session, the directors along with Mr. Crinklaw and Mr. Fadeley, entered into executive session.




Meeting adjourned at approximately 3:00 PM.